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Local golfers need a place to talk . . . and be heard


It’s been a long time — way too long — since local golfers have had a forum, a place where they could express their opinions and listen and respond to the thoughts of others in our community. It’s been an equally long time since local golfers have had a chance to read about other golfers or golfing developments in our area, whether it be feature stories or just small but significant items about the game.


 When I wrote a golf column for the Press Democrat for 25 years, the strength of that column came primarily from the readers who shared their special memories, stories that were interesting, funny, unique, and made us laugh and feel they were not alone.


 A woman who wrote me about her father, who shot his age when he was 78, or the man who played golf every weekend — with his wife, son and daughter.


 When you had a bad experience at a local course, I tried to look into the problem and see what happened. We definitely got some results. We also handed out praise to local golfers and golf courses when appropriate.


 I welcomed these stories and the chance to share them. — I still have people remind me of something I wrote about them many years ago. I miss that, and get the feeling from talking to a lot of local golfers, that they do as well. So, with your help, we hope to change that situation.


 I am hooking (not a good term for golfers) up with Dave Cox at in an effort to replicate as best we can the golf column I wrote for many years.


 We hope to provide regular features at on golf, golfers and all related matters in this community. That being said, we would love to hear your ideas. Truth be told, we need to hear from you to make this work.


 Besides feature stories, we also want to provide a golf notebook of sorts where those special little stories I spoke of can be published.  If you read the old column or contributed, you know what I’m talking about . . . it was good stuff.


 We would love to hear story suggestions, information on upcoming events — we hope to create a listing of tournaments, golf functions, etc. — and those little things about the game that you would like to share with others. We would also like to hear from advertisers should they be interested in helping sponsor a particular article or the notebook.


 Bottom line: We want to be the place where you can come to find out about local golf, share your thoughts and stories and maybe learn some things about our golfing community you didn’t know before.
 This is all fairly new, kind of like teeing off on the first hole of a course you haven’t played in a while . . . we can have fun finding the fairway or even the rough!




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