Wise to protect your golf gear . . .

  I learned real early in my golf career that taking care of your clubs and the rest of your golf equipment is very important.

   Sometimes, especially after a bad round or maybe one played in inclement weather, the tendency might be to throw the clubs in the trunk of your car, head home, then toss them in a corner of the garage.

   There are lots of articles concerning how important it is to take care of your equipment.  Here are excerpts from one I found in “Golf Essentials” magazine.

   A fisherman leaves no stone unturned when servicing and caring for his fishing equipment. After all, that’s what stands between him and his meal. 

  “Similarly, a golfer needs properly maintained golf clubs and equipment to perform well on the course and claim that trophy. It’s worth noting that most golf equipment doesn’t come cheap, and expensive investments require laser-sharp maintenance to avoid breaking the bank now and then. If you have been wondering how to extend the longevity of your golf clubs and avoid premature wear and tear, read on.


Regularly Inspect Your Clubs

  Before starting any game, take a few minutes to inspect all golf clubs in your bag and ensure they are in play-worthy condition. Look out for red flags such as dirt lodged between the grooves, nicks in the shaft, or peeling of the grip that might signify underlying problems with your clubs. Sometimes a good cleaning might solve the problem while other cases might signal equipment expiry and the need for a new set of clubs.

Store Your Golf Clubs Properly

   Just like you adore sleeping in a comfy, cool, and well-aerated environment, your clubs also need to be stored in appropriate surroundings for optimum performance. As much as it might be tempting to leave them in the trunk of your car to make it easy to drive off to a game the following morning, store them in a closet at home away from harsh weather and temperature changes.

Wash Your Golf Clubs Regularly

   How does it feel to go for a week or two without a good bath? Just like you squirmed at the mere thought of the discomfort, so do your clubs require regular cleaning. Sand, debris, and dirt may stick to the grooves and faces of your clubs in the course of a round of golf. To clean your clubs, use a soft nylon brush, Fairly Liquid, and warm water. Soak the clubs in water for five minutes and then dry them off thoroughly before storage.

Always Carry a Golf Towel with You

   Whenever you hit the course, carrying a golf towel along is a basic need. As you play a round, a lot of dirt and debris can be picked up in between shots, making it necessary to wipe your clubface clean with a towel between shots. The constant wiping ensures that your performance is optimal and also makes it easy to clean your clubs afterward.

Use Head Covers

   Clubs can get easily damaged like when riding to the course in a car or golf cart and they bump against each other. The best form of protection especially for your woods and putters is to use head covers that will shield them from banging, scratches to and from the golf bag, and even harsh weather conditions like rain.

Keep Your Clubs and Bag Dry Always

   Sometimes, golf is played in wet weather, and although you may use a rain hood to protect your golf bag from getting soaked, your clubs cannot escape the dampness on the course. The secret to counter wet weather is to dry off your clubs properly before storage and also ensure that your bag is fully dry before storing the clubs. Wet golf clubs can bring about rusting and damaged shafts and drips.

Use Travel-Friendly Bags

   As an active golfer, you will find yourself traveling regularly. Although you might handle your valuable golf possessions with the utmost care, bag handlers at stations and airports may not be that careful with your bag. As such, always use convenient high-protection bags that allow for smooth travel while taking good care of your golf equipment.

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Inspect and Clean Your Shafts

   Although club shafts can last long when properly taken care of, sometimes you might bang off the turf from a steep angle on a chip shot or hit a rock on your backswing and damage them. Regularly inspect your shafts for splits, dents, and nicks, and replace them immediately if faulty. Additionally, clean your shafts by wiping them down with a damp cloth and drying them with a dry cloth. You can use vinegar to remove any rust formed on the shaft.

Clean and Inspect the Grips for Wear and Tear

   Grips are very vital in your gameplay and performance as they are the only point of contact between you and the golf club. It’s crucial to remove any sweat, dirt, sunscreen stains, and debris that may accumulate on the grips during a round by cleaning them thoroughly. As you do so, check for any worn-out areas that might signify a need for re-gripping or replacement.

Invest in a Strategic Golf Insurance Cover

   Although this might seem like an option for pro golfers and high-rollers, a golf cover can insure your equipment against damage, loss, accidents, and theft. Such a cover is highly appropriate for golfers that travel a lot.


Your golf equipment is your ticket to success on the course.  Maximum care should be employed when handling and storing these important items. Always inspect and clean your clubs regularly. And notice when certain clubs deserve honorable retirement and a new set is calling.



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