MARCH 2022 




Don’t blow it in the wind . . .

   This is the time of year when wind can affect your game, for better but more often for worse.

    Received a note from the people at Gravity Golf with a few suggestions about what to consider when teeing it up under windy conditions.

   “While it is difficult to play into the wind, you may find yourself wanting to swing harder to make up for the shorter distance the ball will travel. It may be better to “club up” instead of changing your swing. 

  “For full shots, use the same power and force as you normally would if the wind were not there. This leads to overall greater consistency.

  “If you hit the ball harder than normal, you will most likely be making slight adjustments to your body position and ball contact. This can result in the ball curving in ways you hadn’t planned. The power may also not be evenly distributed from backswing to follow through. Because you normally don’t swing this way, the results can be unpredictable.

  “Let the change in club power create the extra distance and flight for you. By keeping your swing consistent, you will maintain more control and be more likely to place the ball where you want it. This also applies to wind at your back when “clubbing down” where you don’t want to take power off the ball through your swing.

    “If you are hitting into the wind, the direction of the ball’s curve will be impacted more and be more likely to turn. For playing with the wind at your back, keeping it lower will allow for less movement.

   “To keep the ball lower, you may want to shift the weight towards your front foot and keep 70 % of your weight on the front foot.”

   These are only a few suggestions, but if you have some of your own ideas for how to navigate the golf course in the wind, email me at


What’s On The Menu ???

  There are a number of events coming up as golfers attempt to shake off the effects of winter or whatever that was this time.

   We would love to get word of your clinics, tournaments or whatever golf-related activities out to our readers, so email me at and let me know.

  Here are just a few:


 Packers Fans + Golfers!

  A reminder from Toby Vaughn:

   This is the final month for you to get your foursomes paid or signed up for  our first annual golf tournament. If you wish to play and haven’t contacted Laurie North or Jared Noonan, please do so ASAP. A final list is due to the course at the end of the month. 

   Special Announcement! Our first-place prize will be a wine tasting tour courtesy of Elite Excursions! The winning foursome will receive a free ride in a party bus that accommodates up to 8 guests. More details + runner up prizes to follow. 

   Payment will be accepted at check-in for full price, special rate only available with pre-payment.

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Next Level Golf and Fitness update . . .

  The latest from Greg Anderson at Next Level Golf and Fitness:

   “The game of golf continues to grow at an amazing rate throughout the couple of years of the pandemic. What is new and exciting to the business is that 50% of the growth includes the use of indoor simulators. TopGolf accounts for the majority of that growth, but coaches and students of the game are using indoor facilities and the high tech systems to assist in maximum performance in golf.

   “New goals are being created by golfers in the New Year! Students are looking to improve their ball striking, physical conditioning, and the way they think around the golf course. It’s been fun directing the path of so many students as we develop plans for success on the golf course.

New Team Members

 “We have brought on new team members to assist in making our service the best it can be. Yvette Davis and Derek Moser have been added to our team to better tie in the commitment of providing exception fitness training principles to coordinate with the golfing body. Their work experience and educational background add great value to our club! Some programs that they are spearheading in coordination with instructions:

Derek will also be an apprentice golf professional in the PGA of America, and we are having a blast utilizing his knowledge as we train our student with the golf swing!

Greg Anderson, PGA

TPI Certified

 Next Level Golf and Fitness

Santa Rosa, CA

(Located in the Larkfield Shopping Center)


Let’s hear from you . . .

  Thanks for your comments, questions, suggestions. I appreciate them and would like to get as many as possible. If you have information about anything golf-related, including upcoming clinics, activities, tournaments or sales, let me know. And if you have questions, complaints or compliments about golf in our area, let me know and I’ll make some inquiries.


   If you have a golfer – pro or amateur — you know who you think would make an interesting story, tell me about it and I will take it from there. Having trouble with your game? Let me know what it is and I’ll try to get an answer for you from a local pro.

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