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Class that can last a lifetime . . .

   Most of us can or have enjoyed sports in our lives, as a spectator and/or a participant.

      We played baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc.

     But as we grow older, reality sets in: We may play in an adult softball or basketball league, but our dreams of one day playing in the major leagues in baseball or the NBA in basketball are for most just that . . . dreams.

   But there are a few sports that we can continue to play all our lives, like tennis and golf and some others.

   That being said, Santa Rosa JC has been offering beginner and intermediate golf classes at Fairgrounds Golf Course for quite a while.

SRJC golf coach and instructor (far left) explains short-game secrets to students on the golf class he teaches at Fairgrounds GC

   Currrently being taught by former Bear Cub golf coach Dave Herrington, the class offers students, young and old, the opportunity to learn about a sport they might very well be able to play all their lives.

   The next class, set to start Aug. 18, is scheduled to meet Friday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon. Beginners are taught all aspects of the game while intermediates get a chance to improve their skills.

   Beginners spend most early classes simply getting accustomed to a new sport, on the driving range, putting green or practice green, although most of them end up getting out on the 9-hole course by the end of the semester.

  Intermediates take advantage of helpful tips from Herrington although  many of them just like to get out on the course.

     Students range in age from those just out of high school to those for whom high school is a distant memory.

    The class is taken for various reasons: some students have never played and want to see if it’s something they want to take up; some have  experience and see this class as a way to fine-tune their game, and some simply want the class credit (1.5 units).

   The class, which offers students discounts for rounds of golf and range balls,  usually includes 15-20 students, although the school administration has indicated a minimum of 22 students will be needed for the next class to ensure it is offered.

   Bottom line: If not enough students sign up, the class is history.

   Most students take the class and move on, but a few enjoy the beginner-friendly Fairgrounds and become regular customers.

   If you’re interested, contact SRJC and ask about the beginner class (Beginning Golf KINDV 3.1, Section 2390) or the intermediate class (Intermediate Golf KINDV 3.2 Section 2402.

    The class is very helpful to new players, gives students a chance to interact with new people and seems to be a lot of fun.

    Some students from years ago have made friends and come out to play as a group long after the semester has ended. Some who discovered golf when they took the class 10 years ago are still playing.

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   Coming Up . . .

At Santa Rosa G&CC


Spring Clinics at Santa Rosa CC

Spring golf is finally here, put away your umbrellas and bring out your golf clubs! Just added for May, get your spot quickly as these classes fill up fast. All clinics are 2.5 hours of instruction and have 3 topics. Each class is 9:30-12:00. $150. Sign up at the SRCC pro shop 707-546-6617 or the link below. You do not need to be a member to join a clinic or lesson. 

  • 5/17 Improvement Strategies: Driver, Pre Shot Routine and Alignment, and Chipping. Goal of this class is to find more fairways with more accuracy and get your chips closer to the hole.
  • 5/25 Short Game Level 2: Sand, High Short Pitches, and Lag Putting. This is a clinic that covers challenging short game shots.
  • 5/31 On Course Instruction: This clinic covers trouble shots, pre shot routine, sand, decision making, and green reading. My favorite clinic as it covers many different aspects of the game! This class starts at 9:00 and goes until 11:30.

At Foxtail . . .

At Fairgrounds GC, Tayman Park . . .

At Valley of the Moon . . .


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