Choosing the right club . . .

   OK, you step to the tee of a 390-yard par-4 hole.

   You pull out the driver, but then stop for a moment. You know you have to get off a decent shot of some length, but you also know hitting the driver has been a problem for a while. Topping it, pulling it, slicing it, whatever.

    What to do?

    I used to face this dilemma . . . I could hit my driver fairly long, but I was very inconsistent. I might whack one down the middle, or maybe pound it into the trees on the right, or worse.

    Right about that time, a friend of mine – a good player – told me he had been experiencing the same situation.  So he started thinking about the club that worked better for him than a driver off the tee.

Having options off the tee is worth considering . . .

 His answer was simple – his 3-wood.

   That definitely got my attention, although my alternate club off the tee is a 2-wood.

   Actually a 2-metal I received from Barney Adams, who ran Adams Golf Co.  When I worked as a sportswriter-golf writer, I would often get sent clubs from various manufacturers to try out and have my friends try them.

    I would be asked to give the club a try and have my friends of varying abilities try it, too. Then I would get back to the club-maker and let them know what we thought, good or bad.

   I can’t recall being asked to return a club, so I would either stick it in my bag for a while or give it to a friend who found success with it. I still have that Tight Lies 2-metal in my bag!

   It has a very shallow face, more like an older 5-wood, but for some reason I hit it relatively straight most of the time. It is also a good club out of the short rough or out of the fairway on longer holes.

   About that time, the real big drivers were starting to flood the market, and I tried a few of them. But kept coming back to that Adams 2-metal because I found it was best for me off the tee.

   I have – still have – a lot of big drivers, but they are mainly gathering dust in my garage or have been given away to friends.

  The point here: If you find a club that really works for you off the tee even though it might cost you a few yards on the fairway, at least you are actually ON the short grass a lot more often.

   So would you rather boom your drive down the fairway every other tee shot, and end up in the trees or somebody’s backyard the other times???

 I chose to sacrifice a few yards off the and reap the benefits of saving a lot of shots – and often lost balls.

  I found the following notes in a GOLF Magazine article:

   The decision of whether or not to hit 3-wood instead of off the tee can sometimes make or break your round. Choosing the incorrect club can cause you to end up where you don’t want to be: too short to reach the green in regulation, or into trouble off the fairway, complicating your escape (and potentially ruining your score).

   Sometimes, hitting 3-wood is the best call, especially if there’s a specific penalty area you want to avoid, or simply because you’re trying to be as accurate as possible.

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   In the instances in which hitting a 3-wood is essential, it’s important to remember a few best-practices.

 Setup is key

  “Mind where you play the ball in your stance,” says Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi. “With driver, set it just inside the heel of your front foot; with 3-wood, one to two inches behind that.”

Tee height matters

   “The only real difference between hitting driver and 3-wood off the tee is tee height, which, for the smaller-sized 3-wood, should be lower,” says Top 100 Teacher Michael Hunt. “Otherwise, let ’er rip just like you do with your driver.”

Think about your body position

“With driver, your upper body tends to tilt away from the target at both address and impact, creating needed space to extend and swing up on the ball,” says Top 100 Teacher Joe Plecker. “With 3-wood, you’re a lot more centered, so less need to swing up.”


  The idea of going with the club you feel better using is obviously specific to the situation. For instance, if your favorite club is a 7-iron, you might not want to hit it off the tee on a long hole unless your total score doesn’t matter!

   But on long holes, the goal is to hit it as far as possible in most cases, but also as straight as you can. 

   I have friends who even drop down to a 5-wood or long iron because they prefer the results they get.

   Maybe swallowing your pride a little can pay off with few lost balls and errant tee shots.


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