Lisa Strom navigating the course in her WRX STI.

The Rallycross at Santa Rosa on November 4th marked the 4th race of the season in the inaugural running of the NorCal Rallycross (NCRX) Championship and the 8th race of the season for the California Rally Series (CRS).  As you can see we had a very technical course this weekend that was exacerbated by frequent watering to keep the dust down for the neighbors.

If you’re not familiar with Rallycross, it is a form of racing held on the dirt (or mud or gravel).  Drivers navigate a course delineated by traffic cones and pylons as fast as possible.  Speed, control, and accuracy are fundamental in Rallycross, just like in any other form of racing, however, in Rallycross, you have the challenge of limited traction and rapidly changing track conditions.  Laps are scored cumulatively, which means that the margin for error or mistakes is very small if you want to be competitive; one penalty cone can haunt your overall score by the end of the day and it could very easily be the deciding factor for a championship.