I enjoy looking at box scores, especially for special games.  In the last week of course two teams finished two out of the ordinary games on the same day.  That, of course, is the Analy-Petaluma games and I do have excess to the box scores and here is what I came up with.

The two teams played 27 innings, which is one inning short of what it takes to play four games.   In the two sessions it took to play the game, it was an eight hour day and night combined.

The two teams combined for 18 runs, 41 hits, 19 errors, 46 strikeouts and 22 walks.

In the first four innings, they combined for 14 runs, which means they averaged 3 1/2 runs an inning.   In the next twenty three innings, they scored a total of four.  

Analy scored in two of the last twenty three innings and in each of those innings they scored the winning run.

Analy and Petaluma put on quite a show
Analy and Petaluma put on quite a show

The teams combined for 99 official at bats in Game 1 and 97 in Game 2.

They combined to throw 849 pitches.   Petaluma’s Hunter Williams started both games and threw 81 in Game 1 and 134 in Game 2. 

In Game 1 he went 3 2/3 and gave up seven runs, five of them earned and seven hits. 

In Game 2 he pitched eight scoreless innings, giving up four hits and striking out seven and walking three.

The Hill twin brothers (Evan and Garrett) of Analy threw a combined 182 in Game 2. 

Williams and Garrett Hill each had the most hits with four, Williams getting all of his in the first game.

Both teams went scoreless for 20 of 21 innings, starting after four innings of the first game.

The 9-8 game is the most runs either team has given up all season.  

The 1-0 score is the only game, like that, that either team has played.

Here is a question for you.  If you go in order of the schedule, the Analy pitching staff has thrown 38 scoreless innings.  But in between that is the run Petaluma scored in the 12th inning of the suspended game.  So does Analy pitching staff have a 36 inning scoreless streak?  Or does that run by Petaluma in the 12th break it?



I have been a sports fan for most of my life and when something special takes place, my sports instinct kicks in and I know when it is something special.   This is really the first time I have been able to write about things this special and sometimes I do wonder if I’m overdoing things.


I have that feeling about the Analy-Petaluma games.   Talking to other people about it though, yes that was pretty special.   I am going to guess that if they kept track of things like that, and they keep track of almost everything in some sports, that the Analy-Petaluma games had to be in competition for the longest two extra-inning games played against each that finished on the same day.     


Did I make up a new category? 


Last year at this time, the something special that was happening was the one run games by Casa Grande.  To refresh your memory, the Gauchos started out league play playing nine straight one run games, all of which they won.  I was wondering then how special that was, because you never see a streak like that, and I don’t like to say never, because never is a long time.

Casa Grande's one run streak was impressive
Casa Grande’s one run streak was impressive


The Giants have given us a perceptive on that.  The Saturday night game in San Diego broke a streak in which they played eight straight one run games.  Talk about keeping track of everything, which is the most consecutive one run games the Giants have played since 1910.


1910 is pretty close to never.


That fuels my thought that what Casa Grande did was something special last year.  Heck the Giants didn’t even win all the eight one runs games, going 4-4, so Casa Grande going 9-0 was something really special.


Overall, Casa Grande went 16-0 in one run games last year. They won two more this year before losing to Maria Carrillo 3-2, on March 26th.  In the game, Maria Carrillo scored two in the bottom of the seventh to end the one run streak and hand Casa Grande its first one run loss since April 12th, 2012, when they lost to Sonoma Valley by the same score. 


The Giants also finished a pretty good standard for finishing two games on one day and playing the most innings.   It was a doubleheader that was played on May 31, 1964, at New York, against the Mets.  The Giants won the first game 5-3 in your typical kind of game.  The Giants also won the second game 8-6 in a game that went seven hours and 23 minutes and 23 innings.  So the two games together equaled 32 innings.


The winning pitcher in Game 1 was Juan Marichal. 

The winning pitcher in Game 2 was Gaylord Perry.  

Willie Mays went 1 for 13 in the long day, including 1 of 10 in the second game.  He was still hitting .364 after the double header.


I know older Giant fans appreciate those names.   Younger fans who don’t know some of those names just, “Google: Giants In The Hall of Fame.”



I don’t go to as many games as I want to.   The baseball and softball season are particularly hard for me to get to, some harder than others.   After previewing and hyping the Analy-Petaluma baseball day, I faced the real prospect of having no updates for the games, which I would have taken as pretty embarrassing.


I shouldn’t have worried.


As usual one of the YSN365.com fans came through and this fan came through in a big way.   Earlier in the day, I was told this fan might miss the games.   I had a backup plan that fell through, so I was in a panic.  Then I got a message, from the fan, of the final score on the suspended game. I figured it was a message the fan got from another fan and passed it on.  The fan told me they were there and the suspended game ended so fast they almost missed it.


The updates of the regular game came through every so often.   Let’s face it not much to update in a scoreless baseball game. But when we got to the amazing part, the updates started coming more often.  This fan even gave situation in the extra innings, when it looked like someone was going to score and then updated whether the team scored or not.  Of course no one did until Analy pushed across a run in the 15th.


This fan had come through in a big way and made this website look good as our fans do, for no other reason than to help.


Another thing about having the relationship with fans is the chats we have.   It is a very fun experience, gives me something to look forward to and feel like a part of the team.


Again to all those fans out there, and you know who you are, a YSN365.com thank you.


If you want to be part of the fan base that help,s my email is at the end of each post and my Facebook is always open to you.  


You can always let me know if you’re not thrilled with what I say.  


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