ROSE CITY VICE ADEntering the last week of regular season play (for the NBL and SCL), there are not too many changes.
No. 1 Casa Grande (16-7) (Last week No. 1) …Won both of its game as No. 1 for the first time.  If they are No. 1 next week they would have earned it, with a trip to Montgomery and a home game against Cardinal Newman coming up.
No. 2 Montgomery (14-9) (2)…Takes a six game winning streak into a week when they meet the other three teams that will be in the North Bay League post season tournament.
No. 3 Cardinal Newman (21-2) (3)… Only local team that has hit the twenty win mark.  So much at stake this week and the way the schedule is set up, they too could take an NBL title and move to No. 1.
No. 4 Elsie Allen (19-5) (4)…It is now a historic season.  This next week decides how if the historic season will include a SCL championship.
No. 5 Piner (17-6) (6)…A 3-0 week keeps pressure on.  One league game left next Friday at Healdsburg.  They will get a home game in the first round of the SCL post season tournament.
No 6 Cloverdale (14-5) (7)…Big win over Willits puts them in the driver seat for their first league championship since 2010.  According to the Division 4 power rankings, a League Championship may be the only way they get a first round home game in NCS playoffs.
No. 7 Windsor (13-7) (5)…Two straight losses ends the chances for the NBL title.  Still qualifies for NBL post season tournament.
No. 8 Sonoma Valley (11-12) (10)…Needs a split to finish over .500 in SCL play.  They are set up for the spoiler role when they end the regular season at Elsie Allen.  They are also a bubble team for the NCS Division 3 playoffs.
No. 9 Analy (11-13) (8)…No SCL championship this season.  For the first time they are a Division 2 team for NCS playoffs and need a big finish to qualify for that.
No. 10 Willits (17-5) (9)…Unless they get some help, and they need a lot of it, the loss to Cloverdale takes care of two year run as NCL I champion.
John McMillan, Cloverdale…This was a close call with his teammate Marcus Poe, who also had a big week as Cloverdale put a firm grip on NCL I title.  McMillan edged him out with a double-double in both wins; one of those wins over Willits which gave them a two game lead.
No. 1 (Last Week 1) Cardinal Newman
No. 2 (2) Montgomery
No. 3 (3) Casa Grande
No. 4 (5) Piner
No. 5 (4) Windsor
No. 6 (6) Cloverdale
No. 7 (7) Elsie Allen
No. 8 (8) Analy
No. 9 (9) Willits
No. 10 (10) Kelseyville
Ukiah at No. 1 Casa Grande
No. 2 Montgomery at No. 7 Windsor
Maria Carrillo at No. 3 Cardinal Newman
Rancho Cotate at Santa Rosa
No. 1 Casa Grande at No. 2 Montgomery
Santa Rosa at No. 3 Cardinal Newman
No. 7 Windsor at Rancho Cotate
Ukiah at Maria Carrillo
No. 3 Cardinal Newman at No. 1 Casa Grande
No. 2 Montgomery at Santa Rosa
Maria Carrillo at No. 7 Windsor
Ukiah at Rancho Cotate
No. 4 Elsie Allen at Petaluma
Healdsburg at No. 8 Sonoma Valley
El Molino at No. 9 Analy
No. 5 Piner BYE
No. 8 Sonoma Valley at No. 4 Elsie Allen
No. 5 Piner at Healdsburg
Petaluma at El Molino
No. 9 Analy BYE
Middletown at No. 6 Cloverdale
No. 10 Willits at Lower Lake
Clear Lake at Kelseyville
Fort Bragg at St. Helena
No. 6 Cloverdale at Fort Bragg
Middletown at Clear Lake
St. Helena at No. 10 Willits
Lower Lake at Kelseyville
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