There is no way you can honestly say who the No. 1 team is in the area.  Of course, the fans have their preference, hardly scientific.ROSE CITY VICE AD
The debate is between Cardinal Newman or Montgomery.
Or is it Montgomery or Cardinal Newman?
There was a formula that was used to determine No. 1 here.  It was a three part system that I had no idea how it would turn out.
Part 1 is head to head, which they split. That tie-breaker goes to points scored in which a slight edge goes to Cardinal Newman, because they scored ten more points in the two games.
No. 2 was the league race.  Both teams went 12-2, so that too is decided by points.  Cardinal Newman had +245, Montgomery +220.  So by the difference of less than two points a game, advantage Cardinal Newman.
No. 3 was the last two league games against the same teams.  Both teams went 2-0 and believe it or not both team won one game by 24 and the other by 7.  You can’t get more of a draw then that.
So, like it really matters:
No. 1 Cardinal Newman (24-2) (3)… They have won nine league titles since 2000, five outright and four ties.  Cardinal Newman has won three of the last four post season tournaments and five of the last nine.  A No. 1 seed isn’t out of the question for the NCS Division 4 playoffs.
No. 2 Montgomery (17-9) (2)…They have won seven league titles since 2002 (two ties).  They are the defending Post Season Tournament champion.  Since 2008 they have won the post season tournament three times.
No. 3 Elsie Allen (21-5) (4)…The debate on No. 1 is centered on Cardinal Newman and Montgomery, but what about the Lobos?  One game they had nothing to do with hurt that cause and that was the December Piner loss to Cardinal Newman, which was one sided. Still an eleven game winning streak going into the post season tournament and the guess is they would be pretty competitive with No. 1 and No. 2.
No. 4 Casa Grande (17-9) (Last week No. 1) …So close to the league title.  Start this week the same way they started last week with a game at Montgomery.  They are hoping for a different result.  They are on the bubble to get a first round home game in the NCS Division 2 playoffs.
No. 5 Piner (18-6) (5)…Piner has won eight of nine since a two point loss at Analy.  That is who they host in Game 1 of the Post Season Tournament.  The eight of nine includes a 20 point win in the rematch with Analy.
No. 6 Cloverdale (18-5) (6)…The NCL I race has two games left.  Cloverdale has a tie sewed up and wins the tie-breaker. The league title means Cloverdale should get a home game in the first round of the NCS playoffs.  The power rankings suggest Cloverdale and Cardinal Newman could be in the same bracket.
No. 7 Windsor (15-10) (7)…After beating Cardinal Newman the first time, they couldn’t follow that up to make them a serious player for the NBL title.  Has a chance to make up for that this week.
No. 8 Willits (19-5) (10)…One win away from its third straight twenty win season.  They will be doing some traveling in the NCS playoffs.
No. 9 Analy (12-14) (9)…The only hope for a NCS Division 2 playoff spot appears to be winning their fourth straight SCL Post Season Tournament.
No. 10 Roseland University Prep (18-6) (NR)…Eight game winning streak gives them a firm grip on the NCL II championship.  If they can win their last two league games it would give them back to back twenty win seasons.  They could be a double figure seed that gets a home playoff game because of the league championship rule.  Could even be No. 16 hosting No. 1.
Ivan Gomez, Tomales…Averaged nearly 25 points a game in a 1-1 week.  He has scored a season high 28 points in two of his last four games, which puts him at 19.9 a game.  In the second 28 point game, he had a season equaling high 17 rebounds and a season high ten steals for his first triple double of the season.  He has had six other double-doubles on the season.  He is averaging 9.8 rebounds and 6.5 steals a game.
No. 1 (Last Week 1) Cardinal Newman
No. 2 (2) Montgomery
No. 3 (3) Casa Grande
No. 4 (4) Piner
No. 5T (6) Cloverdale
No. 5T (7) Elsie Allen
No. 7 (5) Windsor
No. 8T (8) Analy
No. 9T (9) Willits
No. 10 (10) Kelseyville
No. 7 Windsor at No. 1 Cardinal Newman
No. 4 Casa Grande at No. 2 Montgomery
Sonoma Valley at No. 2 Elsie Allen
No. 8 Analy at No. 5 Piner
St. Helena at No. 6 Cloverdale
No. 9 Willits at Kelseyville
Lower Lake at Middletown
Fort Bragg at Clear Lake
No. 6 Cloverdale at Clear Lake
No. 9 Willits at Middletown
Kelseyville at St. Helena
Fort Bragg at Lower Lake
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