Dear Casa community members,
Over the course of the day, I have received a number of inquires about Casa’s football coaching staff for the 2017-18 season. As with all personnel matters, specific details cannot be shared with the public.
Trent Herzog and I met today and agree that the coaching contract for the 2017-18 season will not be renewed, without cause. This decision is made with mutual agreement and respect. Casa Grande High School has decided to take the program in a different direction.
The Casa community deeply appreciates all of the contributions Trent has made to the football program. We thank him for his years of service. Trent remains part of the Gaucho family.
Casa Grande’s administration remains dedicated to all of our students’ success and to continuing the school’s long tradition of excellence in athletics.
We deeply value the ongoing support from the Casa community as we strive to support and develop our student-athletes to their fullest potential.
As principal of Casa Grande High School, our students and student-athletes are always my highest priority.
Principal Backman