Petaluma Coach Rick Krist had “150 days” on his whiteboard in the Petaluma Trojans locker room Wednesday. That’s how many days until the biggest crosstown rivalry renews itself, September 16, 2017.Egg bowl
In a meeting with players, similar to Casa Grande’s with Dennis Brunk, the coaches announced to their players that the Egg Bowl would return this season, the first game since 2011. After an intense game with multiple penalties for unsportsmanlike actions, the game was put on hold. There was a league realignment the following year, preventing a mandatory matchup of the teams. There was a bad spirit involved.
Former Petaluma coach Steve Ellison agreed. “We had rivalries with Healdsburg and Sonoma, and those were fun games because both teams were playing as hard as they could to try and beat each other, but once the game was over, it was over. The Egg Bowl lacked that spirit.”
The game will be played at Casa Grande’s turf field on September 16th, 2017. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:00pm.
“I like having the game on a Saturday. It makes a college like atmosphere. Stands are packed, the band is there, it’s great for everyone.” said Ellison.
The first Egg Bowl was played in 1974. Casa won that game 9-0. In the last contest, Casa won 35-9.
In Krist’s meeting with his players, the theme was community. This is a game for the Petaluma community. Players from both teams will participate in charity work throughout the city in the weeks leading up to the game. Both teams are also planning a game day meal together prior to the game.
Petaluma City Schools Superintendent Gary Callahan also made an appearance at the Trojan meeting. He too emphasized the community aspect. He also pointed out this game is for the players as well, and to enjoy the moment. He hopes to get a packed house and to see the community come together.
“Since I was a kid, I remember watching the Egg Bowl and dreaming of playing in it as many of my friends have. We are fired up this year to have it back as it is a historic game in Petaluma town history.” said Trojan running back Dominic Ayers.
In my “The Egg Bowl must return in 2017” article, I said that the players needed a big stage to be on. The Petaluma community needed something to unite with. Everyone now has their big stage. Finally, after being long overdue, we can finally say that the Egg Bowl is back.
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