With the change in the pre-league schedule, ranking the local teams is more of a chore. 

We can’t use the old standby of this team beat this team, while that team beat that team, so this team is No. 1.

You can get more of a grip on that when league play starts this weekend.

It is more of a guess, which is frankly what is done in the football rankings.  The college rankings excel at guessing.  There are power rankings, other rankings and the smell test. 

These rankings used a little bit of all of that.

The power rankings are computer generated.   You can be 0-3 and have a decent power ranking depending on who you played (there is an example of that mention in the rankings).

None of the teams in the NBL or SCL made it through pre-league play without a win.

The power rankings grade out like this:

The No. 1 team in the North Coast Section is De LaSalle (of course) with a power ranking of 68. 

No. 2 is Marin Catholic who is at 48.

The highest in the North Bay League is Casa Grande at 33 with Analy leading the SCL at 23.

The highest power ranking in the NCL world is 12 and that belongs to Middletown, even with the two forfeits.  That power rankings might be counting those forfeits as win.  Maybe the computer can’t digest forfeits.  Middletown is still the No. 1 small school in the PD in its rankings this weekend and they should be.

If you haven’t seen the YSN rankings before, we do things different than the PD, although we have made a change.  We rank the top ten…large school or small school.  Up to this year we ranked the top five. 

The PD system is old school.  The large schools are NBL or SCL, while the small schools are the NCL world.  The size of schools has changed where some schools in the SCL and NCL are in the same division, so they are being ranked in different categories even though they could be playing each other come playoff time.

Anyway, here are our first YSN365.com rankings of the 2013 football season.  The number by the name is the power rankings and as you will see it is a guideline, but not the deciding factor.

Twenty five teams are under consideration.  All teams from the NBL, SCL, NCL I and four teams from the NCL II/Bay Football league that are in Sonoma, Napa or Marin County.

No. 1 Casa Grande (3-0) (33.2)…Highest power ranking and one of the toughest schedules in the area.   They are one of four teams still undefeated.  One of the wins that have gone up in value is the opening 51-13 win over Eureka, who had a negative power ranking at the start of the season, but since then has won three straight.  The win over Napa is one of the best wins any local team has so far this season.

No. 2 Windsor (2-1) (20.6)…Only Cardinal Newman had a tougher schedule than Windsor and they just missed a 3-0 start with a tough loss to Benicia, who is 4-0 and has a power ranking of 28.  Windsor is getting the benefit of the doubt with the power rankings.  They beat Washington of Fremont on Saturday to drop them to 0-3.  Still with its schedule, that Washington team has a power ranking that would put them in the middle of the NBL pack.  The first two losses were against teams that have a higher power rankings than any team in this area.  Windsor was one quarter away from a really impressive looking win, having a three touchdown lead.  Still impressive enough.

No. 3 Cardinal Newman (2-1) (21.7)…A good portion of the power schedule is the 35-7 loss to El Cerrito.  That game lost a little of its glamour with the El Cerrito loss to Campolindo, which caught most by surprise.  Still how convincing the first two wins were more than offsets the loss.  Cardinal Newman has had a pre-league schedule against out of area teams longer than anyone else and it has always been hard to tell where they stand against everyone else.  They usually end up pretty well when all is said and done.

No. 4 Analy (3-1) (23.4)…Analy got a lot of love for its win over Pittsburg, which was the toughest opponent that any local team played.  Power ranking wise its loss to Miramonte didn’t hurt as much as the win over Stellar Prep who has a power ranking of -40.

No. 5 Montgomery (3-0) (11.1)…The Vikings has had one of the softest schedules in the area.  But then they have treated the games like good teams do, outscoring opponents on an average of 48-8.  The easiest part of the schedule changes this week when they travel to No. 1 Casa Grande.

No. 6 Middletown (1-2) (12.1)…On the field they are 3-0.  The two losses was a paperwork mistake that they hope will be changed.    The appeal for it is scheduled for Tuesday.    Middletown has looked impressive, winning the last two games by a combined 83-0.  Both those wins (one forfeit) were against SCL teams.

No. 7 Rancho Cotate (2-1) (10.8)…Hard to give them a higher ranking after what happened last week.   The combined record of the two teams they beat is 1-6-1 and both teams have a negative power ranking.  They will be an angry team come Friday.

No. 8 Santa Rosa (2-1) (9.6)…What was said about Rancho Cotate pretty much can be said here.  Santa Rosa scheduled up, way up, and still are over .500.

No. 9 Maria Carrillo (1-2) (8.2)…Had one bad week and that came after the hard break opener to Analy.  Nice rebound last week to avoid being winless going into league play.

No. 10 Sonoma Valley (2-1) (4.8)…It seems like every team has that one sided loss which makes it hard to know where to put them.   In its last game two weeks ago, Sonoma Valley lost to San Marin 47-19.

Honorable mention:  Calistoga (4-0) and Kelseyville (3-0)

One other note:  Now that league play is starting the power rankings won’t mean as much.  Now it will be head to head.

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