Before we get to the Girls rankings, a copy and paste from the Boys version of the rankings.
Some team’s report results better than others and with all the tournaments going on, this is a crap shoot at best. But it will shake out as the season goes on.
The records are unofficial.
This really hit home on Tuesday night. The Maria Carrillo Girls defeated Healdsburg and in the box score it says the win raised the Puma record to 5-6.  At MaxPreps, where we get most of our records, it has Maria Carrillo’s record as 2-5 going into that game.
Houston we have a problem.
As said above, with all the tournaments and the teams going here and there and everywhere and not reporting the scores, the records are very unofficial. So take these rankings with a grain of salt.  It will be easier to keep track of things once league play begins.
I don’t really understand why teams don’t report their scores somewhere.  It might cost a team a seeding, if people don’t know them come playoff time.  Obviously it won’t make a difference in the league races.
Anyway here we go and the records and Power Rankings are based on MaxPreps:
No. 1 Cardinal Newman (6-2)…If you go down the roster many names that are familiar from last season’s team that won 24 games, tied for the NBL regular season championship and won the NBL post season tournament.  This year, the two losses were to teams with a combined record of 14-2.  Clear cut favorite in NBL race.  It appears to be a big difference between No. 1 and the rest of the field.
No. 2 Santa Rosa (5-3)…A new coach with a Challenging schedule that doesn’t get any easier before league play. Biggest game when it comes to playoff seeding was the loss to Clayton Valley (more below about that game). Both teams are Division 1.
No. 3 Casa Grande (4-1)…In a bit of  irony all four wins over teams with winning records, the only loss is to Analy, who is under .500.  The Gauchos have wins over two teams you will see on this list.
No. 4 Ukiah (7-1)…Didn’t play anyone over .500 until the last two games.  A 70-44 win over Eureka is an eye opener. Lone loss is to Division 1 Monte Vista.  They may have only just begun having only two seniors on the team.
No. 5 Sonoma Valley (5-3)…On Tuesday, the Dragons had a one sided win over Novato, which was the first team they have beat that is over .500.  The three losses are to teams with a combined record of 18-3.  They are a favorite in the SCL race.
No. 6 Petaluma (6-3)…Nice last two wins including one over Hercules, who is 7-4 and followed that up with a win over Montgomery.  Hercules is a Division 3 team and still ahead of them in the power rankings.
No. 7 Middletown (7-4)…The four losses are to teams with a combined record of 26-7.  Three of four teams have one loss, the other they split with.  Also have a win over Maria Carrillo and a 27 point win over Analy.  They are the NCL I favorite.
No. 8 Analy (4-5)…Up and down team that is hard to figure.  They have a win over Windsor, split with Montgomery and losses to Ukiah and Middletown.
No. 9 Windsor (4-3)…The schedule hasn’t been overpowering.  In tournaments during last two weeks, they won two out of three in each, including a win over Montgomery.
No. 10 Upper Lake (9-0)…Schedule nothing to yell about, but the record is.  This is a nice comeback story. Last year they finished over .500 for the first time in over decade.
For some reason not all teams have a power ranking number, but here is the order that we do have.
No. 1 Cardinal Newman
No. 2 Ukiah
No. 3 Santa Rosa
No. 4 Upper Lake
No. 5 Middletown
No. 6 Petaluma
No. 7 Sonoma Academy
No. 8 Windsor
No. 9 Sonoma Valley
No. 10 Healdsburg
After a brief break for Christmas, the tournament season has a big finish.  Most of the teams on the top ten list, among others, are in the 15th Annual West Coast Jamboree.  This is a tournament, or a series of Girls tournaments, sprinkled all over the East Bay.  There are 16 different tournaments and they try to put teams in even brackets, depending how they have done in recent history or are expected to do this year.
The tournaments start on Saturday and after having Sunday off, will be completed next week, when the tourney continues next Monday and Tuesday.  For most teams that will be it before league play begins.
Here is the website for the tournament:
I have never heard of concussions being contagious, but maybe Santa Rosa High School better check its water or something.
Last season, when the Santa Rosa Girls team seemed on its way to a record season, Morgan Bertsch and Katie Daly, who would be name Co-Players of the Year for the NBL, went down with concussions, which probably cost them a deeper run in the post season games and an undefeated NBL Championship.
Well it has happened again.
Three minutes into the loss to Clayton Valley Charter, Devin Murray, who was an All-League member last season and the team’s leading scorer this year, went down with one.  She is expected to be back for league play.
Injuries happen and concussions happen in football.  but I can’t remember a basketball team that has been hit with so many concussions in such a short time.
Last year, Santa Rosa had a 24-1 going into the season finale against Cardinal Newman. Late in the second quarter, Bertsch went down with a concussion and missed the rest of that game along with the next.  Then in the playoffs Katie Daly went down and missed the last two games.  Santa Rosa ended up 28-5.
Camille Spackman, Rancho Cotate…This is the season award.  Spackman, who is a freshman, leads the NBL in scoring (at least of those who have reports) averaging 17.8 a game.  She has hit the 20 point mark in two of the five games they have played.
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