November 13th, 2004

Montgomery defeated Cardinal Newman that Saturday afternoon 20-17.

It was one of the biggest regular season games in the history of local high school football  It was the last game of the regular season and the North Bay League race.Montgomery and Cardinal Newman were both undefeated in league, Montgomery undefeated overall.   Cardinal Newman lost its opening game of the season and won the rest until this game.

The game ended on a rather famous play.  With ten seconds left, Jon Colgan hit Marcuz Ezeff on a 55 yard touchdown pass to give Montgomery about as dramatic of win as you could have.

That game was also the last regular season game of a three year run by KSRO of broadcasting the High School Game of the Week. Brian Hudson and I (Joe Pasquini) were the broadcasters and it seemed like it was getting some real momentum when the plug was pulled.

KSRO did broadcast the postseason in 2004 and 2005.  In 2004 Montgomery finished its undefeated season, the only one in Jason Franci’s career and one his three NCS Championships.

In 2005, Cardinal Newman took the NCS crown defeating Maria Carrillo 21-0 in the championship game.

KSRO is trying it again.  Maria Carrillo was involved in the last game that KSRO carried and they will be involved in the return.  This Friday will be the first broadcast when Pumas host Analy.   I will join YSN’s own Dave Cox as part of the broadcast team.  

A lot of changed since that last broadcast.  The NBL and SCL have traded two teams and the North Coast Section playoffs now include the East Bay.   Back then West of the Richmond Bridge and East of the Richmond Bridge had its own tournaments.  That changed a year later.

Analy was also the first game of that run on the Game of The Week on KSRO began.    It was a home game on September 13th, 2002 which was a 7-0 loss to Piner.

The game points out how much has changed since then and now.

The opening game of the season was on September 13th.    This year Friday falls on September 13th and some teams will be playing its third game of the season.

Also that Piner-Analy game was a non-league game.  This year it is an anticipated game of the SCL season.

There is one other change of note.  The head coach of Piner in that game back in 2002 was Paul Cronin.  This past Friday Cronin started his 11th season as head man at Cardinal Newman.





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