The local high school basketball tournaments scheduled for this weekend have been shaken up by the weather.  Two of the three tournaments were postponed one day and the other started on the right day, but didn’t go as planned.
Let’s start with the one that did get started.  That is the REIBT Tournament in Healdsburg.   There were two Boys and two Girls games each scheduled for Wednesday.
Only one of the four games scheduled went as planned. That was the Girls bracket in which Novato defeated Clear Lake 51-36.
The other game that was scheduled was between Maria Carrillo and Willits.   That game was not played, because Willits couldn’t make it from up North, because the road weren’t safe.
As scheduled, there were two Boy games played, just not the two games that were scheduled to be played.  The first game went off as scheduled.  That was Windsor defeating Justin-Siena 64-40.
The second game played wasn’t the one scheduled.   That was John Swett defeating Healdsburg 58-41.  This was a game set up at the last minute.   In the original bracket John Swett was supposed to meet Tomales and Healdsburg wasn’t supposed to play until Thursday against Leadership (Hayward).
So obviously that tournament is being readjusted and as this is being written we re learning that the tournament games scheduled for Thursday will be postponed until Friday.
The other two high school tournaments scheduled for Thursday have been postponed and won’t begin until Friday.
That is the Rose City at Cardinal Newman and the McMillan Invitational in Cloverdale.   Both tournaments will play have long days on Saturday, as both will play two rounds in one day.
The game times for the first round are the same as on the original schedule.   They are just being played twenty four hours later.
Game 1: 3:30—Rancho Cotate vs. St. Mary’s (Berkeley)
Game 2: 5 pm—Elsie Allen vs. San Marin
Game 3: 6:30—Redwood vs. Santa Rosa
Game 4: 8 pm—Cardinal Newman vs. Central Catholic
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Game 1: 4 pm…St Helena vs. Roseland University
Game 2: 5:30…Granada vs. Berean Christian
Game 3: 7:00 pm…St Vincent vs. Balboa
Game 4: 8:30…Clear Lake vs. Cloverdale
For the Rose City the second round will start Saturday Morning at 9 am.
Game 1 and 3 will meet in the second round as will Game 2 and 4 in both the Championship and Consolation bracket.
Saturday’s action in Cloverdale is scheduled to start at 10 am.  Their bracket goes in the order that the games are listed.
Both tournaments will have games scheduled 90 minutes apart all day.
The Championship Game for the Rose City is scheduled to begin at 7:30.
The Championship Game for the McMillan Invitational in Cloverdale is scheduled to begin at 8:30.
While the Rose City and McMillan Invitational has turned Saturday into a long day, the long Saturday was already planned in the REIBT with four girls and four boys games scheduled.
We will try to keep you updated.
Also scheduled to start on Thursday is the SRJC Women Tournament.
2 pm…Mendocino (0-4) vs Ohlone (1-7)
4 pm…Redwoods (4-5) vs. No. 19 San Joaquin Delta (7-2)
6 pm…Feather River (8-4) vs. San Francisco (4-2)
8 pm…Southwestern Oregon (4-3) vs. SRJC (3-3)
The latest word is that the SRJC Women tournament is planning to go as scheduled.
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