Maria Carrillo has the best track team for both the Boys and Girls so far in 2013.  

The key word in that sentence is “best”.

This finding was based on the Press Democrat list of the best numbers in each event so far in the track season.     The results were used as if they ran in a Track Meet and based on the scores how they would be used which is five points for first, three for second, two for third and one for fourth.

For example in the 100 Meter Andrew Kozel of Healdsburg has the best time at 11.15, so he scores five points for Healdsburg.  

There are sixteen events all together.

Of course this is just a sample and who knows what kind of conditions the “best” were accomplished.

Maria Carrillo scores the most in both the Boys and Girls division, the Boys is quite dominating, the Girls are closer.


No. 1 Maria Carrillo 58.5; No. 2 Healdsburg 16, No. 3 Rancho Cotate 14.5, No. 3 Windsor 14.5, No. 5 Casa Grande 12.5, No. 6 Piner 12, No. 7 Cardinal Newman 11, No. 8 Petaluma 10, No. 9 Sonoma Academy 7, No. 10 Santa Rosa 6.5

Take away Maria Carrillo and this would be a tossup.  The Pumas has the best marks in nine of the seventeen events and in the 400 Meter has the best and third best to rack up seven of the eleven points for that event.  Junior Herbie Polk is the best in the 200 and 400 Meters.  They also have the second and third best times in the 3200.

Healdsburg good showing is mainly because of Senior Andrew Kozel who scored 11 points with the best in the 100 Meters and second best in the 200 and 400.

Rancho Cotate is the defending NCS Championship.


No. 1 Maria Carrillo 42, No. 2 Santa Rosa 28.5, No. 3 Montgomery 20, No. 4 Healdsburg 19.5, No. 5 Sonoma Academy  11, No. 6 Casa Grande 10.5, No. 6 Petaluma 10.5, No. 7 Piner 7, No. 9 Cardinal Newman 5, No. 10 Rancho Cotate 3

Maria Carrillo takes this in a much closer competition.  What puts them over the top here is the field events which they are the best in two of the five.  Also they have three of the top four finishers in the 1600.

Speaking of the 1600 there is quite a race going on there which looks like it will be with us for the next couple of years.   The best time belongs to Sophomore Andrea Natoli of Maria Carrillo.  Second best is Freshman Delaney White of Santa Rosa.  So they should be going at it the next three years.  The next time is scheduled for Wednesday at Maria Carrillo.

Maria Carrillo has won ten of the last fourteen NCS championshuips.

For some small school love, Sonoma Academy is the highest Non NBL or SCL school in both the Boys and Girls divisions.

Fort Bragg has won seven straight NCS Class A championships.

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