On Monday there will be a recap of a hot weekend of Little League baseball at Santa Rosa American.


11-12 YEAR OLD


Petaluma Valley 12 Cloverdale 1

Rincon Valley National 12 Petaluma American 5

Santa Rosa American 17 Petaluma National 13 (7 innings)

Fort Bragg 4 Rincon Valley American 3

Mark West 4 Willits-Redwood 3 (Elimination Game)

Sebastopol 33 Rancho Cotati 0 (Elimination Game)

Ukiah 14 Westside 4 (Elimination Game)

El Molino 11 Healdsburg 1 (Elimination Game)

MONDAY SCHEDULE (All are elimination games starting at 5:30)

Petaluma National vs. El Molino at Santa Rosa American

Ukiah vs. Rincon Valley American at Santa Rosa American

Cloverdale vs. Sebastopol at Petaluma American

Mark West vs. Petaluma American at Petaluma Valley

10-11 YEAR OLD


Santa Rosa American 13 Rincon Valley American 3

El Molino 2 Ukiah 1

Petaluma National 21 Rincon Valley National 9

Petaluma American 25 Westside 1

Fort Bragg 12 Cloverdale 3 (Elimination Game)

MONDAY SCHEDULE (All Elimination Games Starting at 5:30)

Ukiah vs. Petaluma Valley at Petaluma National

Sebastopol vs. Rincon Valley American at Ukiah

Mark West at Westside



Ukiah 19 Fort Bragg 10

El Molino 3 Mark West 2

Petaluma National 5 Rincon Valley American 2

Petaluma Valley 9 Petaluma American 0

Santa Rosa American 8 Sebastopol 0

Rincon Valley National 8 Westside 6

Healdsburg 12 Willits-Redwood 0 (Elimination Game)

MONDAY SCHEDULE(All Elimination Games Starting at 5:30)

Petaluma American vs. Santa Rosa American at Petaluma National

Rincon Valley National vs. Rincon Valley American at Petaluma America

Cloverdale vs. Mark West at Ukiah

Fort Bragg at Healdsburg

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