Dylan SA
Sonoma Academy pitcher Dylan De La Montanya struck out 128 batters in 77 innings this year, on the way to winning 11 games for the Coyotes.

Dominic Pedersen (C/P) Saint Vincent de Paul, Junior
Dylan De La Montanya (P/INF) Sonoma Academy, Junior
First Team:
Sky Doble (P/INF) Saint Vincent de Paul, Senior
Liam Galten (P/INF) Saint Vincent de Paul, Junior
George Sammon (INF) Saint Vincent de Paul, Senior
Daniel Brown INF/P) Sonoma Academy, Junior
Ethan Jones (INF/P) Sonoma Academy, Junior
Nick Giuseponi (INF/OF) Rincon Valley Christian, Sophomore
Adam Gockel (P/INF) Rincon Valley Christian, Senior
Devin Mayo (UT/P) Tomales, Junior
Second Team:
Trevor Bovaird (INF/P) Saint Vincent de Paul, Junior
Reilly Tobin (OF/P) Saint Vincent de Paul,  Junior
Ryan O’Hara (OF/P) Sonoma Academy, Senior
Oscar McCauley (C/P) Sonoma Academy, Freshman
Keenan Aristizabal (INF/P) Rincon Valley Christian, Junior
J.W. Peterson (C/P) Rincon Valley Christian, Senior
Ivan Gomez (P/INF) Tomales, Senior
Dustin Anderson (OF) Calistoga, Junior
William Santos (C/P) Upper Lake, Sophomore
Honorable Mention:
Nick Vollert (OF/P) Saint Vincent de Paul, Junior
Tucker Crull (INF/OF) Sonoma Academy, Senior
Morgan Giuseponi (INF/P) Rincon Valley Christian, Senior
Billy Wright (INF/P) Tomales, Senior
Shane Acree (OF/P) Calistoga, Freshman
Roi Ochoa (INF/P) Technology, Sophomore
Cody Rybolt (UT/P) Upper Lake, Freshman