The North Coast Section Basketball playoffs are set and for the most part the local teams did either better than expected or as expected.
In all, if I counted right, there are forty local teams and they are split right down the middle between boys and girls at 20-20. Fifteen schools have both their Boys and Girls team entered.

w curtis slam
The Windsor Boys slammed their way to a number 1 seed in the D2 Bracket

Some schools are pretty used to being in the tournament, but for some this is something that doesn’t happen often, if at all.
This numbers are rarely official, because most schools have to dig to find information and some of it might be an educated guess.
The Petaluma Boys are making their  first NCS tournament appearance in twenty four years. That means that none of the kids on this team were born the last time the school they are representing played in this game.
The Piner Girls top that. I have been told this is their first ever North Coast Section Playoff appearance.
It would be charitable to say that just a few years ago what these programs did, at times, was struggle and this is great to see.
Congratulations to both.
Here is an overview for Divisions 1-3 and below the overview is the the local schedule. (4-6 will be covered tomorrow)
We are getting the bad news out of the way. Santa Rosa is the only local team in Division 1 and both teams missed.
The Boys knew it was a good possibility and were hoping against hope.
For the Girls though it is a shocker and there is really no other way to say it. They are No. 10 in the Division 1 power rankings.
If you are looking for a reason it would be their 1-4 start. The key game was on December 19th in which they lost to Clayton Valley Charter 43-30. Clayton Valley Charter is No. 17 in the power rankings and they got the 16th seed.
Being the only Division 1 team in the NBL doesn’t help even though three of the losses were to Cardinal Newman. What hurt more were the losses to Casa Grande and Ukiah, although both those two teams got a home game in the Division 2 playoffs, where the good news starts now.
mc 104mead clark
The committee was very good to the local teams in this Division and it starts with Windsor Boys who not only are the No. 1 seed, but in a fifteen team bracket which means a first round bye. Now they don’t have to worry about faking being worried about this game to the team, an injury or have their fans waste their money on a 40 point game. Windsor will play its first game at home Friday Night and they could be hosting Montgomery.
This was another part of a good draw. Montgomery got a home game and will host No.9 Washington. That will be part of what is almost an annual NCS first round Montgomery Girl-Boys doubleheader. The Montgomery Boys will play the first game and that will follow by the No. 4 Montgomery Girls meeting No. 13 Arroyo.
The Montgomery Girls are one of three NBL teams that got a home game in the first round. No. 7 Ukiah and No. 8 Casa Grande are the other two.
Two other local Boys teams have to go on the road. That is No. 10 Petaluma and No. 13 Ukiah.
This boys bracket had some head turners, not only because Windsor was No. 1, but Mt. Eden at No. 2. That team did have a nice 25-4 record but one of the losses was to Cloverdale. El Cerrito, who is the defending champion, was No. 1 in the power rankings and got a No. 3.
The biggest surprised was Newark Memorial getting a No. 5. They were predictions that they would get the No. 1. This is where the head to head comes into play. In December they lost to Concord who is the No. 4 seed and hosts Newark Memorial in the first round.
On the Girls side the No. 1 seed is Carondelet, the sister school toDe La Salle. They won ten of the last twelve NCS championships and get a first round bye. If Casa Grande wins its first game that would be their next game.
Piner and Analy got both teams in. One other team is the Sonoma Valley Girls.
Of the five local teams in this Division, only one got a home game and that is the No. 8 Analy who hosts No. 9 Encinal. A win would get them a trip to No. 1  Moreau Catholic.
The Sonoma Valley Girls is one example where that playing for the automatic spot means something. Sonoma Valley defeated Analy in the SCL post season tournament championship game Saturday Night to get that automatic berth and that got them a home game, even though they are a No. 11 seed. They will host No. 6 Eureka, because they are league champions and Eureka isn’t. Meanwhile No. 12 Analy has to go to No. 5 San Marin. If the Saturday result would have been opposite, so would have been the seedings.
Both the Piner teams are on the road. The Boys are No. 10 and at No. 7 Campolindo .
The Piner girls are a No. 15 seed in a fifteen team tournament and go to No. 2 Bishop O’ Dowd, who is a state power house. Bishop O’ Dowd has won five of the last seven NCS Division 3 championships.
The Piner Girls should just enjoy this for all the other teams that played at the school before them.
There will be a look at Division 4-6 on Tuesday where the main headline is three local teams in the six divisions are a No. 2 seed.
DIVISION 2 (Tuesday)
No. 1 Windsor BYE
No. 9 Washington at No. 8 Montgomery…6:30
No. 10 Petaluma at No. 7 Redwood…7 pm
No. 13 Ukiah at No. 4 Concord…8 pm
No. 13 Arroyo at No. 4 Montgomery…8 pm
No. 10 El Cerrito at No. 7 Ukiah…7 pm
No. 9 Mt. Eden at No. 8 Casa Grande…7 pm
DIVISION 3 (Tuesday)
No. 9 Encinal at No. 8 Analy…7 pm
No. 10 Piner at No. 7 Campolindo…6:30 pm
No. 15 Piner at No. 2 Bishop O’ Dowd…8 pm
No. 6 Eureka at No. 11 Sonoma Valley …7 pm
No. 12 Analy at No. 5 San Marin…8 pm
DIVISION 4 (Wednesday)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BOYS
No. 16 Roseland Univ Prep at No. 1 Salesian…7 pm
No. 9 Fortuna at No. 8 Cardinal Newman…6:30
No. 13 Kelseyville at No. 4 Arcata…8 pm
No. 15 Berean Christian at No. 2 Cardinal Newman…8 pm
No. 14 Clear Lake vs No. 3 Saint Mary’s at Laney College…8 pm
No. 13 Healdsburg at No. 4 Arcata…6:30
No. 10 Fortuna at No. 7 Middletown…7pm
No. 9 Kelseyville at No. 8 Del Norte…7 pm
DIVISION 5 (Wednesday)
No. 16 Sonoma Academy at No. 1 St. Joseph Notre Dame…8 pm
No. 13 Upper Lake at No. 4 Stuart Hall at Kezar Pavilion …5 pm
No. 12 Redwood Christian at No. 5 Cloverdale…6:30
No. 10 St. Vincent de Paul at No. 7 Bentley…7 pm
No. 9 Mendocino at No. 8 College Prep…7 pm
No. 15 Bentley at No. 2 Cloverdale…8 pm
No. 9 St. Vincent at No. 8 International…8 pm
No. 10 College Prep at No. 7 Sonoma Academy…7 pm
No. 11 Mendocino vs. No. 6 Bay of San Francisco at SF University High School…8 pm
No. 13 Upper Lake at No. 4 S.F. University…6:30
DIVISION 6 (Wednesday)
No. 15 North Hills Christian at No. 2 Anderson Valley…7 pm
No. 14 International Christian at No. 3 Archbishop Hanna…7 pm
No. 11 Round Valley at No. 6 CSD (Fremont)…6:30
No. 13 Rincon Valley Christian at No. 4 St. Bernard’s (defending champions)…7 pm
No. 9 Point Arena at No. 8 Rio Lindo Adventist…7 pm
No. 12 St. Elizabeth at No. 5 Round Valley…7 pm
No. 7 Patten Academy at No. 10 Point Arena …7 pm
No. 9 Rio Lindo Adventist at No. 8 Rincon Valley Christian…7 pm
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