There will be some complaints about the North Coast Section Playoffs, like there always is. All in all the committee didn’t do a bad job. Fourteen local teams live to play another game. There are three games where local teams meet each other. Two of those are NCL I rematches.
The highest local seed is No. 2, which two teams received, Analy in Division 3 and Cardinal Newman in Division 4.
DIVISION 2 (three teams)
This was the toughest draw for any of the local teams in any division, although Maria Carrillo is smiling.NCS color logo
Of the three NBL teams that qualified, Maria Carrillo got the only home first round game. The No. 6 seed will host No. 11 Northgate on Saturday Night. That looks like a pretty good matchup. The two teams have one thing in common. They both have a loss to Windsor.
As for the other two, Casa Grande and Windsor, they got tough draws.
Casa Grande got a No. 7 seed. When you are hoping for a home game, that should make you happy. Unfortunately they matched up against No. 10 American, who won the Mission Valley League, so they get the home game. That game is also on Saturday night.
Windsor has the biggest complaint. Of the three teams they were the highest in the power rankings. They got the dreaded No. 9 seed and go to No. 8 Pinole Valley on Friday. If they win that, they go to No. 1 Clayton Valley.
Clayton Valley is a big favorite to win the division. They have been a top five in the regional rankings all season. They are 9-1 and their only loss was to Folsom, who is 10-0 and went 16-0 last season and won the Division 1 state championship by a 67-6 score.

a jn throwing
Analy QB Jack Newman (12) hopes to stay hot and get the Tigers deep into NCS play.

DIVISION 3 (four teams)
After letting out a huge sigh of relief considering how the Analy-Petaluma game ended on Friday, the committee seeds Analy No. 2 and Rancho Cotate No. 3. This is a full bracket, so there are no byes.
According to the NCS Website, Analy who has played all its home games this season at Rancho Cotate, is scheduled to play this game at Santa Rosa High School on Friday Night against No.15 Albany.
Rancho Cotate hosts No. 14 Terra Linda on Saturday.
Petaluma gets a No. 6 seed and a home game. They will meet Novato Friday Night.
The fourth team is Piner, who is at No. 13 and is the only team in the Division that goes on the road, traveling to No. 4 Bishop O’ Dowd.
The No. 1 seed is Campolindo has won two of the last four NCS championships. They are 9-1 with the lone loss 21-14 to Napa, who is 10-0.
Since 2011 they are 60-5 and won a state championship last season. In the NCS playoffs they beat Analy in a crazy semi-final game 62-46.
DIVISION 4 (four teams)
The committee showed a sense of humor in this bracket and it is really not very funny. The four local teams are all playing each other.
The debate for who would be No. 1 goes to Marin Catholic over Cardinal Newman. This is a 15 team bracket, so it gets the Marin Catholic a bye.
Cardinal Newman will host Healdsburg Friday Night.
cn jb keeps
Newman QB Jordan Brookshire (10) will be on the home turf (grass) in the first round of the playoffs

That isn’t the sense of humor part. Healdsburg knew what they were getting into by applying for a playoff spot with its 3-7 record.
The sense of humor part is the other local matchup, which was also the NCL I game of the year with No. 9 St. Helena going to No. 8 Fort Bragg. The winner goes to Marin Catholic on Saturday, November 21st.
Pretty much everyone is predicting that the championship game will be between Marin Catholic and Cardinal Newman. The two teams are a combined 17-3 and the losses were to teams with a combined record of 24-6. One of Cardinal Newman’s losses is to Clayton Valley (see Division 2)
Justin Siena is the defending champion and has won two of the last three section champions. They are a No. 7 seed and are looking at a game at Cardinal Newman in the second round if they get past the first round. Justin Siena has a Marin County League matchup in the opening round when they host No. 10 San Marin.
It seems like the committee could have changed the seedings from 7-10 a little to avoid the two league re-matches.
DIVISION 5 (three teams)
This might be the most wide open bracket, although Berean Christian gets a lot of love and a No. 1 seed. Its only loss was to Cloverdale, who got a No. 8 and hosts Stellar Prep. If the Eagles win, they will go to Berean Christian in the second round.
Like in Division 4, there is an NCL I match-up with No. 10 Willits going to No. 7 Middletown. The winner would have a long trip north to meet No. 2 St. Bernard Academy.
Salesian, who has won four of five section championships, is a No. 5, gets a first round bye and travels to Valley Christian in the second round.
This is eleven team bracket, so the first five seeds get a first round bye.
No. 9 Windsor at No. 8 Pinole Valley
No. 11 Northgate at No. 6 Maria Carrillo
No. 7 Casa Grande vs. No. 10 American at Tak Fudenna Stadium, Fremont
No. 15 Albany vs. No. 2 Analy at Santa Rosa High School
No. 11 Novato at No. 6 Petaluma
No. 13 Piner at No. 4 Bishop O’ Dowd
No. 14 Terra Linda at No. 3 Rancho Cotate
No. 15 Healdsburg at No. 2 Cardinal Newman
No. 9 St. Helena at No. 8 Fort Bragg
No. 9 Stellar Prep at No. 8 Cloverdale
No. 10 Willits at No. 7 Middletown
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