The regular season is over for most teams and so are the weekly rankings.   This will be the last rankings of the 2013-14 High School year.


Actually there will be one more.  We have done Football, basketball (Boys and Girls), baseball and softball.    We are going to combining all five rankings and see which school did the best overall.


By the way, there is one school that finished in the top ten in all five sports.

Any guesses on which one?


YSN365.COM RANKING(Records Unofficial)


No. 1 Maria Carrillo (22-2) (Last Week No. 1)… The Pumas take their first NBL championship in over a decade and wrapped up a perfect league season.  They go for a twenty game winning streak in the NBL post season tournament opener on Wednesday against Casa Grande. 

The Maria Carrillo Baseball team hasn't lost in nearly two months
The Maria Carrillo Baseball team hasn’t lost in nearly two months

No. 2 Analy (19-4) (2)…Waited for Maria Carrillo to drop for a possible No. 1.   That didn’t happen, but they did end with a 14 game winning streak and second straight undefeated SCL championship.  They are also one win away from back to back twenty win seasons and the second straight season they end No. 2 in the YSN rankings.  They meet Piner in the first round of the SCL post season tournament.

No. 3 Petaluma (18-6) (3)…Will see those Analy marathons in its sleep.  It turned out to be their only league losses.   They did have one win over Analy in the Rabinowitz Tournament.   You can bet they want another shot.  First they have to beat Sonoma Valley in Round One on Wednesday.   They are also in range of their first twenty win season since 2010.

No. 4 Montgomery (16-6) (4)…Couldn’t defeat Maria Carrillo, but did finish second in the NBL race and will host Cardinal Newman in the first round on Wednesday. 

No. 5 Cardinal Newman (14-9) (5)…The Cardinals got run over by the Maria Carrillo senior day.  It does set up another Cardinal Newman-Montgomery game, which is not a bad thing.

No. 6 Sonoma Valley (12-12) (7)… All of the league losses were either to Analy or Petaluma.  Two of the losses were by one run, one of those in extra innings.   Another loss was a two run loss that was tied after six innings.   Maybe they are due.

No. 7 Casa Grande (15-9) (6)…Ends the regular season losing four of five.  They might need to win the NBL tournament to get a home game in the NCS playoffs.  Travels to Maria Carrillo for round one.

No. 8 Clear Lake (17-5) (9)…The Cardinals wrap up their first league title since 2010, when they had a co-championship.  This one they get to keep to themselves.

No. 9 St. Vincent (14-8) (10)…Win over Rincon Valley Christian gives them control of NCL II race.  Semi control that is.  They have another game against Rincon Valley Christian on Tuesday.

No. 10 Rincon Valley Christian (14-3) (9)…Gets another shot at St. Vincent where a win will give them a co-championship.

KEEP AN EYE ON:  Piner, Tomales, Willits


No. 1 Petaluma (18-6)…(1)…Ends the regular season with a ten game winning streak and another undefeated SCL championship.  Their worst record in SCL play since 2010 is 9-3.

The Petaluma Softball team takes another SCL championship
The Petaluma Softball team takes another SCL championship

No. 2 Maria Carrillo (17-5)…(2)…The second straight outright league title is right in front of them.   A win over Cardinal Newman gives it to them.

No. 3 Santa Rosa (14-5)…(4)…Needs help to share the league championship.    Need a Maria Carrillo loss to Cardinal Newman, while they are going up to Ukiah and getting a win. 

No. 4 Cloverdale (13-5)…(5)…Lost pitching duel to Fortuna.   The Eagles try to avoid a shared championship with win over Clear Lake on Tuesday.

No. 5 Clear Lake (17-4)…(6)…Three game winning streak.  They can still get a Co-Championship with wins at Cloverdale and Lower Lake this week.

No. 6 Analy (15-6)…(7)…Forced Petaluma into extra innings.  Went 9-3 in SCL play, two of the league losses were by one run.

No. 7 Rancho Cotate (16-6-1)…(3)…Hopes of a league championship slip away with three loss week.

No. 8 St. Vincent (12-7)…(8)…Even though they have dominated the NCL II race, still face battle for NCL II championship

No. 9 Sonoma Valley (13-10)…(10)…Finished in a second play tie with Analy in SCL race.   They are at Analy in first round of SCL post season tournament on Wednesday.

No. 10 Lower Lake (16-5)…(9)… If Clear Lake defeats Cloverdale they can play spoiler role with they meet Clear Lake on Saturday to wrap up league season.

KEEP AN EYE ON…Calistoga, El Molino, Middletown.

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