This weekend will end the 2015 High School Football regular season. Two of the four leagues covered here are decided. The other two still have some suspense.
NBL: Cardinal Newman has a two game lead with one to go and is the league champion.
NCL III: The regular season is over and Anderson Valley and Upper Lake are co-champions. The two teams will meet in the Redwood Bowl this Saturday in Upper Lake.

Petaluma hopes to get enough offense to keep up with Analy on Friday night and be in a position to win down the stretch.

SCL: The Friday Night Petaluma-Analy game will decide the outright SCL championship.
NCL I: Fort Bragg has a one game lead over St. Helena. A Fort Bragg win or a St. Helena loss, Fort Bragg would be outright champion. A Fort Bragg loss AND a St. Helena win and the two teams would be co-champions. Because of the tie-breaker, Fort Bragg has cinched NCS championship designate.
No. 1 Cardinal Newman (7-2) (Last Week No. 1)…The North Bay League championship is sewed up.
No. 2 Analy (9-0) (2)…They averaged 46 points a game in the first half of their SCL games and have gaven up one touchdown. They have been waiting for this part of the season for two months.
No. 3 Fort Bragg (9-0) (4)…Second straight NCL I title. Last year they shared it. A win over Cloverdale and not only do they not share it, they will finish 10-0 for the first time in school history.
No. 4 St. Helena (8-1) (3)…Not going to punish them too much for losing that game. The NCS playoff committee might.
No. 5 Petaluma (7-2) (5)…A seven game winning streak all comes down to this, the SCL championship game against Analy. Take away the Piner game and the SCL numbers aren’t that much different than Analy’s. How much does that mean? Tune in Friday.
No. 6 Rancho Cotate (6-3) (7)…They are probably the best entertainment value in area. The average score of their games is 40-26. That is the highest average scoring games in the area.
No. 7 Windsor (6-3) (8)…A one sided win over Maria Carrillo is their best win of the season.
No. 8 Maria Carrillo (5-4) (6)…Disappointing showing against Windsor and the first one they didn’t score at least 17 points.
No. 9 Middletown (4-4) (NR)…Back to back shutouts gets them back to .500 and qualifies them for the NCS Division 5 playoffs. They could be in line for home game in the first round.
No. 10 Piner (5-4) (10)…They ran wild in Healdsburg to qualify for NCS Division 4 playoffs. They would like to avoid any of the top three in the first round.
Sunday is the day the playoffs will be picked.
Along with the local Power Rankings are some comments about the playoffs.
No. 1 Cardinal Newman (Last Week No. 1)…Division 4, No. 2
Most people can’t come up with a solid reason why Cardinal Newman won’t be No. 1 in Division 4. But the same can be said about Marin Catholic. Most seem to think Marin Catholic will be No. 1 and Cardinal Newman No. 2.
No. 2 Rancho Cotate (2)…Division 3, No. 2
No. 3 Analy (3)…Division 3 No. 3
They share the same home field and Division.
If Analy wins on Friday they have the inside track at No. 2, with Rancho Cotate at No. 3.  If Analy losses, the committee will lose sleep over this one.
Campolindo will be the No. 1 seed in Division 3.
No. 4 Fort Bragg (6)…Division 4 No. 8
No. 5 St. Helena (4)…Division 4 No. 9
The win over St. Helena should get Fort Bragg a first round home game. That is if they beat Cloverdale.
St. Helena isn’t such a sure thing.  It is a shame that a possible 9-1 team, whose only loss is to a possible 10-0, might not get a home game.
The worst record in the Division 4 top ten power rankings is 7-2. Every other Division has at least one team under .500.
No. 6 Windsor (7)…Division 2 No. 7 
No. 7 Maria Carrillo (5)…Division 2 No. 8
No. 8 Casa Grande (8)…Division 2 No. 9
The Division 2 power rankings have Windsor, Maria Carrillo and Casa Grande at 7, 8 and 9. Team A beat team B, who lost to team C. So how they this shakes out is anyone’s guess. To get a home game none of them can afford to lose Friday.
It doesn’t look like all three will get a first round home game.
The top two in Division 2 will be Clayton Valley and Miramonte.
No. 9 Petaluma (10)…Division 3 No. 8
If Petaluma pulls the upset on Friday and takes the SCL championship, it would turn Division 3 into a mess.  Either way, it looks promising for a first round home game.
No. 10 Cloverdale (9)…Division 5 No. 7
The loss to Middletown was huge. It cost them three spots in the Division 5 power rankings. They were No. 1 in the Prep2Prep projections last week because they have a win over Berean Christian, who is No. 1 in the power rankings. With a trip to Fort Bragg next there is no telling where they will end up. They should still get a home game.
D-2: Casa Grande, Maria Carrillo, Windsor
D-3: Rancho Cotate
D-4: Cardinal Newman
Eliminated: Montgomery, Santa Rosa, Ukiah
D-3: Analy, Petaluma, Piner
D-4: Healdsburg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sonoma Valley will be eligible with a win over Elsie Allen
Eliminated: Elsie Allen, El Molino
D-4: Fort Bragg, Lower Lake, St. Helena
D-5: Cloverdale, Clear Lake, Middletown, Willits
Eliminated: Kelseyville
St. Vincent game vs. Emery is a playoff eligibility game for St. Vincent.
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