It was a basketball free day for me on Saturday.   Well as far as attending them goes.  How does the song go?  “You were always on my mind.”  


Saturday was a bit of a transition day.   The transition was the change of sports seasons.   The track and field season officially began with the Big Cat in Santa Rosa.   Twenty schools from all over the area, with at least one as far away as San Francisco, participated.


Many years ago I was in the Navy.   Some people, who weren’t a major fan of being in the Navy said that the letters stand for, “ Never Again Volunteer Yourself.”


That motto doesn’t apply here and I was a volunteer for the Track Meet.   Having a daughter on the Santa Rosa Girls team, I help out when I can.   I did that with my son as he went through the growing up process and sports teams.  Never really thought that would be a threat with the daughter.


Go figure.


My job was to make sure the starting blocks were where they were supposed to be.   It was a day that started at about 8:30 and ended about four. 

It was almost a work day.


I had a rear view of among other things Casa Grande’s JuJuan Lawson, who of course we followed during the football season, showing off in the 100, 200 and anchoring 400 Meter relay to the fastest times of the day.


It amazed me how many people were at the event and how many participated.   Some races had as many as 15 heats when combining the Girls, Boys, JV and Varsity.


Like I said it was a long day.


I didn’t start the day planning a no basketball day, but as the day went on, it became more apparent that’s what kind of day it was going to be.


But it was always on my mind.   It started when trying to doing my track and field duties, because of the weird start time, the Maria Carrillo-Newark Memorial scores started coming in.  That really got dicey as for a while there was a major upset potential.  Add to that my phone was running down to under 20% and oh yes, the Track Meet was going on.   The final score was the last thing I did with my phone until I got home because I had to charge it.


Talk about timing.


Then last night I was looking all over the web for scores.   I probably worked harder than I did if I would have just gone to a game.   The game are a much better experience…well most of them are.


I really wanted to find out how Willits was doing since I put myself out there talking about them.  Turns out that result is an example of why I shouldn’t and usually don’t predict games.


The local team of the night was the St. Vincent Girls, but overall it was a lost night.   Overall the local teams went 3-9, and the three wins could have easily gone the other way, with two going OT.




No. 3 SRJC 86 No. 14 Merrit 76 (OT)

alec 1
SRJC’s Alec Kobre (21Pts) combined with Matt Hayes for 46 points in Santa Rosa win over Merritt College.

SRJC rallied from a nine point second half deficit to pull out the win.  Matthew Hayes scored a team high 25 points, nine of them in the overtime.   SRJC outscored Merrit 8-3 in the last minute to pull away.

The Bear Cubs had the nine point halftime deficit down to one halfway through the second half. It was a see-saw battle after that.   SRJC didn’t take the lead until Davone Oliver scored on a four point play to make it 58-56.


Merrit forced overtime on a put back by Denzel Bellot.   But SRJC took control in the overtime when Hayes and Davone Oliver hit back to back threes in the first minute.


SRJC will be back in action for Round Two on Wednesday in what will be a Women-Men’s doubleheader. 


The Men will meet No. 6 Ohlone


The Women, who are also a No. 3 seed, will meet No. 11 Diablo Valley.


Both of the SRJC opponents defeated College of the Sequoias



No. 2 Newark Memorial 67 No. 7 Maria Carrillo 56

Maria Carrillo had the high school basketball world on upset alert, jumping out to a 13 point halftime lead.   The Pumas still had a four point lead with six minutes left, but a 17-0 run dashed the upset hopes.


Newark Memorial, despite being the No. 2 seed behind Montgomery, is the favorite to take the Section Championship.    They have won two straight section championships and have a nineteen game winning streak.   They are 21-7 on the season.


Clayton Andrews hit four 3’s on his way to a game equaling high 20 points to lead Maria Carrillo.  AJ John scored 15 and also had eight rebounds and four blocks.


Maria Carrillo ends the season 20-10.





No. 2 St. Patrick/St. Vincent 58 No. 7 Cardinal Newman 38

Cardinal Newman has had an up and down year and it continued in the NCS Playoffs.   After winning the Round One game by 36, they get eliminated by 20.


Cardinal Newman hit one of the first twelve to start the game and fell behind by 10 early in the second quarter and couldn’t recover.


Cardinal Newman did cut a 13 point third quarter lead to eight, but a 7-0 run put an end to that and the lead was never under 10 the rest of the way.


St. Patrick/St. Vincent ended the game with a 12-5 run to make the score look a little more one sided than the game was.


Sophomore Connor Rubattino led Cardinal Newman with 11 points as they end its season 17-12


No. 1 Moreau Catholic 77 No. 9 Willits 53

Sorry Willits.  If you read the Saturday Preview you know why.


Moreau Catholic had a 26 point halftime lead.   Jon Montez scored 21 points to lead the Wolverines.


Willits ends the season 25-3.   The wins are the most in school history.



No. 4 Arcata 42 No. 5 Cardinal Newman 40

It was a just miss for Cardinal Newman, who trailed most of the game but had a chance to win it at the end.


Arcata led 40-34 with 1:45 left before Cardinal Newman scored six straight to tie the game.   Vanessa Holland, who scored 8 of her 13 in the fourth quarter, hit two free throws with :26 left to regain the lead for Arcata.


Cardinal Newman thanks to a turnover and a missed free throw had three shots after, but couldn’t hit it.


Tiffany Salinas and Kylie Kiech, who scored the points in the 6-0 run to tie the game, combined for 31 to lead the Cardinal Newman offense.


Cardinal Newman is 23-7 on the season and does have an outside shot at the Nor Cal Tournament.



No. 6 St. Vincent 56 No. 3 St. Joseph/Notre Dame 53

There isn’t much information on this game besides the biggest spread of the game was six by St. Vincent in the first half.  St. Joseph/St. Notre Dame had a four point lead with 2:30 left and a three point lead when St. Vincent apparently hit a three pointer and then held on defense to force overtime.


St. Vincent had two defensive stands in the last thirty seconds of the overtime to hang on.   Grace Jennings and Jacalyn Murphy combined for 31 points. 


We will try to get some more information on the details of this game.  What we do know is St. Vincent qualifies for the Nor Cal playoffs and will be at No. 2 San Domenico for the NCL Division 5 Semi-Final on Wednesday.



No. 1 CSD Fremont 53 No. 8 Point Arena (18-8) 47

No. 4 Archbishop Hanna 68 No. 5 Ferndale 67

No. 7 St. Elizabeth 51 No. 2 Rincon Valley Christian (22-8) 48

Archbishop Hanna at CSD Fremont


No. 1 Ferndale 51 No. 8 Rio Lindo Adventist (16-8) 19

No. 4 CSD Fremont 50 No. 5 Rincon Valley Christian (14-13) 33

No. 2 St. Bernard Catholic 61 No. 7 Round Valley (14-6) 31

No. 3 San Francisco Waldorf 48 No. 6 Summerfield Waldorf (17-6) 13




WOMEN—No. 11 Diablo Valley (20-10) at No. 3 SRJC (20-10)

MEN—No. 6 Ohlone College (23-6) at No. 3 SRJC (20-10)

First game starts at 5:30.   The order will be announced.




No. 3 Santa Rosa (27-3) at No. 2 Berkeley (20-7)



No. 4 Concord (21-7) at No. 1 Montgomery (25-5)


No. 10 Ukiah (14-13) at No.3 Clayton Valley Charter (22-6)



No. 5 Analy (19-11) at No. 1 Miramonte (26-1)



No. 6 St. Vincent (24-6) at No. 2 San Domenico (23-4)



No. 4 Archbishop Hanna (24-4) at No. 1 CSD-Fremont (23-3)


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