Sometimes results can sneak by.
That is especially true when it happens in the NCL world.  I am not sure if I the results are complete.  According to the NCL II Softball standings, three of the teams have played four league games, the other three only two.

Calistoga HR
Gianna Lincoln-Pochini rounds the bases after her walk off home run.                    Photo by Gene Duffy

One result that I did get, well after the fact, was significant.  It was significant, not only for this year’s race, but in a historical nature.
The game was last Tuesday and Calistoga defeated St. Vincent 7-6, a game that ended on a two run homer by Gianna Lincoln-Pochini in the bottom of the seventh.  It was the junior’s first homer of the season.
It is the first time St. Vincent has lost a league game since 2011.  Back then, they they were part of the NCL I.
In three seasons since rejoining the NCL II, they have won three straight undefeated league crowns.  The loss snapped a 30 game league winning streak.
Over the last two seasons, Calistoga was 16-4 in league play.  All four losses were to St. Vincent, and the games haven’t been close.
This was a classic game, and will get bigger in the minds of the Calistoga kids as time passes.  Calistoga scored two in the first and carried a 2-1 lead into the fifth.  Each team scored three in the fifth, and it looked like Calistoga was three outs away from the big win, but gave up two runs in the seventh to fall behind 6-5, which set up Lincoln-Pochini’s dramatics in the bottom of the inning.
It was the sixth straight win for Calistoga, who is 11-7 on the season.
That wasn’t enough to get Calistoga into this week’s top ten, but there was a shakeup because of the wild North Bay League race.  But again the shakeup doesn’t affect the top position.
No. 1 Petaluma (16-2) (Last week No. 1) …The winning streak is at six. It looks pretty clear to another SCL championship.
No. 2 Ukiah (14-4) (3) …A ten game winning streak has put them in first place in the NBL race.  The win over Montgomery, may turn out to be the game of the season for the Wildcats.  They trailed 4-2 going to the seventh and rallied for a 6-4 nine inning win.
No. 3 Rancho Cotate (13-4) (2) …Surprising loss to Cardinal Newman knocks them out of first place in the NBL race. After a 10-1 start, they have split their last six games.
No. 4 Montgomery (4) (10-7)…The tough loss to Ukiah that would have thrown the NBL race into a bigger mess than it is.  Three of the Viking’s last six games have gone into extra innings.  They lost two of the three.
No. 5 Cloverdale (6) (11-4)…A two win week moves them into a first place tie, at least in the loss column in the NCL I race.
No. 6 Clear Lake (8) (11-5)…This could be a flip flop with Cloverdale.  A seven game winning streak, including a 5-1 win over Lower Lake, puts them into first place in the NCL I race.  The tie-breaker is Cloverdale has outscored Clear Lake by one run in the two games against each other.
No. 7 Analy (7) (10-9)…Can’t get past Petaluma.  The good news is they are done with them.
No. 8 Sonoma Valley (9) (11-8)…They have a three game winning streak and won six of seven, but haven’t been able to beat Analy or Petaluma.  Those chances are coming again.
No. 9 Lower Lake (5) (13-3)…it didn’t start well in games against contenders.  They lost to Clear Lake 5-1.  It is their only league loss.
No. 10 Maria Carrillo (10) (6-9)…A two win week keeps them right in the thick of the NBL race.
No. 1 (Last week No. 1) Petaluma
No. 2 (3) Ukiah
No. 3 (2) Rancho Cotate
No. 4 (5) Cloverdale
No. 5 (4) Montgomery
No. 6 (6) Lower Lake
No. 7 (7) Analy
No. 8 (9) Clear Lake
No. 9 (8) Casa Grande
No. 10 (9) Cardinal Newman
What a race this is turning out to be.
Ukiah is 7-1, Maria Carrillo 6-2, Rancho Cotate 5-2 and Montgomery in fourth place at 5-3.
The week starts out with a bang with Rancho Cotate traveling to Ukiah on Tuesday.  That is the only game of the week with the top four teams meeting each other.
While Petaluma appears to be moving to another SCL crown, Sonoma Valley is at Analy on Tuesday.  The two teams go into the game tied for second, two games behind Petaluma. Analy won the first game 5-4.
This is another tight race between three teams that have played a different amount of game.
Clear Lake is 7-1, Cloverdale 6-1 and Lower Lake 5-1.
On Tuesday, Cloverdale is at Lower Lake.  It is the first of two meetings between the two teams.  Lower Lake still has one game left with Clear Lake.  Cloverdale and Clear Lake have already played its two games.
Lower Lake will make up a rain out as part of a doubleheader at Willits on Thursday.
Calistoga has won six straight and is the only undefeated team left in league play, one game ahead of St. Vincent (see above).
Calistoga is 4-0 and St. Vincent at 3-1. According to the MaxPreps standings, both Upper Lake and Technology are 1-1.
On Tuesday, Calistoga is at Upper Lake and St. Vincent host Technology. On Friday Upper Lake travels to St. Vincent.
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