This week so far has had a series of unfortunate events that are unprecedented in our community. The wildfires in our area have been heartbreaking sights, as all of us either have family members or know someone that has lost their home. They’ve lost everything. While sports can be a time of healing, they can also be put in the backseat for higher priorities.
This is that time.
Though I wished I was playing a football game Friday night, I also agree with the NBL and SCL’s decision to cancel all sporting events for the rest of the week. To see part of Cardinal Newman High School burned was a breathtaking scene. I feel for all of the kids who may not be able to attend classes there for the remainder of the year. For their fall sports, a small place will be in everyone’s heart, rooting for the Cardinals to succeed, and to bring a smile to their community.
For kids, school has been out for the past couple days, and again today. To see the kids in our community, volunteering all day at various shelters across the county. It is truly great to see young people getting involved, helping their hometown.
In sports, you learn a lot of valuable lessons. You learn from Coaches, other teammates, parents, and even yourself, life lessons. Having the students who are able to help, can teach them even more. These kids, and everyone for that matter, are doing remarkable things for our community. If you and your donations are getting turned away, you know you live in a fantastic community, just like Sonoma County.
While High School football in Sonoma County will be on hold for this weekend, you can still watch something on TV to be happy about. The Cubs and Nationals square off in the NLDS at 1pm on TBS. The Yankees play the Indians in game 5 of the ALDS tonight at 5pm on FS1. Tomorrow, there’s Thursday night football. Saturday you can watch some college football. If able, take three hours sometime in the coming days to watch a sporting event that can entertain you.
While we are all upset, we will pick up the pieces, and we will rebuild. I hope everyone stays safe and is healthy, and we are all #SonomaCountyStrong