SRJC LB Taylor Biaggi (Windsor) signs with Portland State University.

SRJC Tylor
Taylor Biaggi

He becomes the 9th player this year that has signed and transferred.
Other 2016 transfers include:
QB Vincent Jefferies   Florida A & M
OL Tyler Rosentreter  Nevada Reno
OL Jordan Hall            Missouri Baptist
OL Chris Lemus          Kentucky Wesleyan
WR Sam Van Dyk        Mid-American Nazarene
RB Darrian Roman       Mid-American Nazarene
DL Jovesa Cakau         Mid-American Nazarene
OL Shawn Montecito   Mid-American Nazarene
DB Wilbur Valencia      Mid-American Nazarene
20 more Bear Cubs will sign as the semester continues. This will be the second year in row that every sophomore on the team will have been offered a scholarship to continue their education and play football. Last year 28 guys, this year 29. GO BEAR CUBS!