Setting up the basketball rankings is a little tougher than football.   Football games are pretty much two days out of the week and then you can think. Basketball meanwhile can be played any day except for Sunday and not every game is reported. Despite all of that I have a high confidence that most, if not all, of the records of the teams in the first rankings are correct, or close to it.

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Petaluma vs Montgomery in the Brett Callan Memorial last week.

There are also more teams in basketball than football. This past season we covered 24 football teams. In basketball you have NBL, SCL, NCL I II and III, along with three teams in the Small School Bridge league. In total there are 38 local teams.
It took some time to put things together, but going into last night I was fairly positive it was almost ready to go. Then bang, there were games played last night and there were a couple of results that help make for a restless night.
The main one was the early upset of the season. On paper this appears to be an upset of many seasons. Who knows if it will be considered an upset in three months.
Santa Rosa held off Analy 68-66. Held off is an understatement. Santa Rosa had a 23 point lead going into the fourth quarter and  an 11 point lead with four minutes left.
That wasn’t the only game that changed the order last night. In all, six teams that were in the original top ten played last night. Here is how it all shakes out, at the moment.
No. 1 Windsor (6-1)…They have been busy this week winning two of three in the Mission Prep Christmas Classic in San Luis Obispo. Their only loss was in the first round of that tournament, 53-52 to Mission Prep. This is a 16 team tournament and Game 4 is today. Windsor is the favorite in the NBL race.
No. 2 Analy (7-2)…Call the loss to Santa Rosa a mulligan. Before that they have looked  good. Their only other loss was in the opening round of the Brett Callan Memorial Classic to Miramonte, the team that went on to win the Tournament Championship easily. Analy is in the Windsor tournament next week so we could have an early No. 1 vs. No. 2.  The Tigers are also the SCL favorites.
No. 3 Montgomery (5-5)…Back to back second place finishes in tournaments. Four of the five losses are to teams with a combined record of 28-7. A win over Petaluma gets them this high.
No. 4 Petaluma (6-2)…Lost the last two of the Brett Callan Memorial Classic. That was after they won back to back overtime games over Santa Rosa and Cardinal Newman. The Trojans are off to their best start in a long time. They already have more wins than the last two seasons. Safe to say first time they have been in the Top Ten.
No. 5 Cardinal Newman (4-4)…Finished second in its own tournament and lost two of three in the Brett Callan Memorial Classic. The losses were to Analy and Petaluma, the Petaluma game in OT. They also played last night and lost to Marin Catholic in a rematch of the NCS Division 4 Championship game of last season. They lost two big players due to injuries during the football season, including last year’s NBL player of the year.
No. 6 Santa Rosa (4-4)…Last night at 7 pm they were No. 10, so a good night for the Panthers. Earlier they took the Consolation Trophy at the Rose City Tournament. There four losses are to teams with a combined record of 25-7, including an OT loss at Petaluma. They also have a win over Cloverdale that doesn’t count because it was the foundation game.
No. 7 Cloverdale (7-1)… The lone loss is to Stuart Hall, who is the No. 3 ranked Division 5 team in the state. Cloverdale won its own tournament and also has a win over Healdsburg. They are next in action in the Sonoma County Classic.
No. 8 Casa Grande (4-6)…Still trying to recover from a 0-3 start. Coming off an emotional weekend in which they finished third in the Brett Callan Memorial Tournament. Last night they lost a thriller in overtime to Vintage.
No. 9 Healdsburg (4-3)…Finished second in two tournaments. They also have a loss to Cloverdale. The three losses are to teams with a combined record of 19-4. They could cause some stress in the SCL.
No. 10 Maria Carrillo (4-3)…They weren’t in the top ten until a 47-34 win over Kelseyville last night. They replaced Kelseyville who went into the game 8-1.
HONORABLE MENTION: Archbishop Hanna, Clear Lake, Kelseyville, Middletown and St. VincentMavrk Banner Rect
This will give you an idea of how hard it is to keep track of things. Not all the results are in and they aren’t close to the YSN365 rankings. I am not sure why the NCL world has so much computer power, but they are what they are.
No. 1 Kelseyville
No. 2 Cloverdale
No. 3 Windsor
No. 4 Analy
No. 5 Petaluma
No. 6 Clear Lake
No. 7 Fort Bragg
No. 8 Mendocino
No. 9 Archbishop Hanna
No. 10 Middletown
No. 11 St. Vincent
No. 12 Roseland University Prep
No. 13 Santa Rosa
No. 14 Cardinal Newman
No. 15 Healdsburg
No. 16 Casa Grande
No. 17 Anderson Valley
No. 18 Willits
No. 19 Montgomery
No. 20 Upper Lake
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