This weekend’s list of tournaments is spread throughout the Northern Part of Sonoma County.
Unlike the headline tournaments last week, the Boys at Montgomery and the Girls at Cardinal Newman, there is a more local theme to this weekend’s tournaments.  Of course they almost have to.  In those two tournaments the only local teams were the host schools.  The tournaments this week have local teams in most games and in some, have local teams going against each other.
For starters, in Santa Rosa there is the annual Rose City Tournament, which is hosted by Cardinal Newman and starts Thursday.  There are three teams from the NBL, one from the SCL and in the first round they are all playing in separate games.

Senior Center Justin Botteri (31) hopes to lead the host Cardinals in the Rose City Tourney at the John Fitzgerald Gymnasium.

The first game, Thursday at 3:30, features the tournament defending champion St. Mary’s of Berkeley meeting Rancho Cotate.  There are four games each day, with the championship game Saturday at 7:30.
The other local teams are Elsie Allen and Santa Rosa.  Each local team is meeting an out of area team in the first round.
Meanwhile, about fifteen miles north and twenty four hours earlier, the REIBT tips off at Healdsburg High School.   This is a tournament for both Boys and Girls and runs between Wednesday and Saturday.   There will be twenty four games played, four each on Thursday and Friday and eight each on Friday and Saturday.  There are sixteens teams overall (eight boys and girls), with eleven of them in leagues this website covers locally.
Besides those two tournaments, there are at least two others in the area.
One is at the JC level.  It is the first of two straight weeks that there is a tournament at SRJC.  The women host one this week, the following week it will be the Men’s turn.  When the Men host their tournament starting on December 18th, it will be the first home game for them as defending State Champions.
Stephanie Sack scores after a steal to seal the win for the Lady Bear Cubs
The SRJC Lady Bear Cubs host their annual tourney this weekend at Haehl Pavilion.

The Women go first this weekend, starting on Thursday.   There will be four games with the first one starting at 2 pm.   SRJC will play its first game at 8 pm against Southwest Oregon.
There is one other local tournament going on this weekend and that is the John McMillan invitational in Cloverdale.  This is a boy’s only, eight team tournament, which will have four games each on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
At the moment, we don’t have the bracket for the SRJC Women or Cloverdale tournaments.  We are working on getting both.
There are other teams going out of the area and if we are missing any local tournaments, let us know.
Here are the two tournament schedules we do have.
GAME 1: 3:30—Rancho Cotate vs. St. Mary’s (Berkeley)
GAME 2: 5 pm—Elsie Allen vs. San Marin
GAME 3: 6:30—Redwood vs. Santa Rosa
GAME 4: 8 pm—Cardinal Newman vs. Central Catholic
Friday game times are the same as Thursday.
On Saturday everything starts a half an hour earlier.
The brackets are staggered.   The Thursday 3:30 and 6:30 games meet in the second round as does the 5 pm and 8 pm games.
5:30—Maria Carrillo vs. Willits
8:30—Clear Lake vs. Novato
4 pm—Analy vs. Middletown
7 pm—Healdsburg vs. Leadership (Hayward)
4 pm—Justin-Siena vs. Windsor
7 pm—John Swett vs. Tomales
5:30—Maria Carrillo vs. Willits
8:30–-Healdsburg vs. Leadership (Hayward)
The brackets are set up that teams playing on Wednesday will meet teams playing on Thursday in the second round.
Wednesday and Thursday is the first round with each day having two Boys and Girls games.
Friday there are eight games (four boys and four girls).   The action starts at 4 pm.   Both Healdsburg Junior High and High School will each have four games running at the same time, with the Junior High  hosting the Consolation side of the bracket.
Saturday, all eight games will be played at Healdsburg High, the action startswith the 7th place Girls game at 9 am.
The Girl’s Championship game is scheduled to start at 6 pm, the Boy’s Championship at 7:30.
There is a marathon for you.  Twelve hours of high school basketball!
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