League baseball is in full swing (pun intended) with the NBL divisional races heating up! There are just over two weeks remaining in league play with both the Oak and Redwood still up for grabs.

                    Oak                                                                       Redwood

Cardinal Newman       (10-1)  13-3                          Windsor          (6-1)    8-4-1

Ukiah                          (6-4)    10-7                             Piner                (5-1)    10-6

Rancho Cotate            (4-5)    5-11                            Santa Rosa      (4-3)    9-8

Maria Carrillo             (4-4)    9-6                             El Molino        (2-4)    7-7

Analy                          (3-7)    7-10                              Healdsburg      (0-8)    0-19

Montgomery               (1-7)    3-13                            Elsie Allen      N/A     N/A

Oak Scenarios

Cardinal Newman has the easiest path to locking up the regular season title. The quickest scenario would be one more Ukiah loss. Should Ukiah not lose, the Cardinals remaining schedule includes a home-and-home with both Analy and Maria Carrillo. Newman would only have to win two of these games to seal the deal as they own the tiebreaker over both Ukiah and Rancho Cotate.

As previously stated, Ukiah must win out or the regular season title goes to the Cardinals. The Wildcats remaining schedule may prove to be challenging as they face schools that are trying to make a late season push themselves. These games include hosting Maria Carrillo and a home-and-home with both Rancho Cotate and Montgomery.

Maria Carrillo is a bit of longer shot, the title is still technically within reach but the Pumas need a lot of help. Their remaining schedule includes a trip to Ukiah, hosting Analy and two home-and-home’s against Montgomery and Cardinal Newman. Should Newman lose out and Carrillo win out, the Pumas would claim the regular season title via tiebreaker.

While Rancho sits in the third seed, due to losses against Cardinal Newman earlier this month, Newman owns the tiebreaker and would claim the title should these two teams end the season tied atop the standings.

Redwood Scenarios

Windsor currently sits atop the Redwood with 4 games remaining. These includes a home-and-home against El Molino and Piner. The Piner series may end up deciding who takes home the Redwood title.

Piner has played well the entire season yet finds themselves nipping at Windsor’s heels. The remaining schedule for Piner includes three home-and-homes against Santa Rosa, El Molino and Windsor.

Santa Rosa sits in third place with a tough test ahead. The Panthers wrap up the season with two home-and-homes against Piner and Healdsburg.

El Molino is the long shot with the toughest part of their schedule ahead of them. The Lions wrap up with three home-and-homes against Windsor, Piner and Healdsburg.