Wishing you all a good 2023 . . .

This past year and those before it have been full of challenges.
We have all faced these challenges in our own ways, and the hope is that
the worst of times are behind us, although we have no idea what may lie

That being said, we hope you have a good – better in most cases – New
Year 2023.

The holiday season is a time for giving for a lot of us, and for golfers,
there is the issue of finding the right gift.

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Check with your local golf course pro shop and see if they have what you
may be looking for.
Lessons are a good idea although it’s best to start out with a single
lesson so your favorite golfer can decide if a particular pro speaks his or
her language. Packages might lock you in.

Gift certificates are a good idea . . . let your favorite golfers make their
own decisions on what pro best addresses their game.
Getting a golfer a player card or range card at his or her favorite course is
a gift that keeps on giving.

First Tee Junior Clinic
Foxtail Golf Club
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2022 AT 10 AM – 12 PM
COVID-19 health and safety requirements:

Perfect for Beginner or New Golfers
Price: $0.00
Location: Foxtail Golf Club
Age: 6 – 14
Clubs provided
Phone: 707-584-7766

Christmas gift idea ???

Holiday Golf Camp . . .

At Valley of the Moon . . .

Let’s hear from you . . .

Thanks for your comments, questions and suggestions. I appreciate
them and would like to get as many as possible. If you have
information about anything golf-related, including upcoming clinics,
activities, tournaments or sales, let me know.
And if you have questions, complaints or compliments about golf in
our area, let me know and I’ll make some inquiries. Email me
Happy Holidays !!!