It feels like summer, but . . .

Our recent hot spell belies the fact that cooler weather is on the way.
And with cooler weather comes the need to consider the elements and
plan to play golf accordingly.
Here are few ideas I found online. Some may tend to be directed more at
colder areas, but there are some common sense thoughts, too.

1. Layer Up
Start with clothing that breathes and doesn’t restrict your swing. Double
up with socks if the course is wet. Rain gear can be essential. You’ll have
them for the rain and they serve as good wind protection.

2. Use a Softer Ball
Temperature can certainly affect your golf ball. The colder it gets, the less
feel you have. By playing with a softer ball, you can retain some of the feel
that you are used to around the greens. You might not hit the ball as far as
normal, but you might score by retaining your touch and feel.

3. Club Up

Cooler temperatures don’t allow for the ball to travel as far, so if you are
in between clubs on an approach shot, always club up so you can get it
there. Also be aware that colder weather can firm up the course, and you
will get plenty of roll off of your drive. Just remember this when you are
approaching the green—your ball can roll through and off the green.

4. Bring Hand Warmers and Ear Warmers
There is no need to worry about looks and whether you will be ridiculed
for using hand warmers. You should have hand and ear warmers in your
golf bag just in case. You want to be comfortable and not think about your
frozen ears during your back swing. Keeping your hands warm between
shots is a good idea for better feel on the club.

5. Walk
No matter your age, staying loose in fall weather is hard to do, unless you
are moving. Forget the cart and walk the course if you can. It keeps the
muscles limber and you will stay warm. Try to play your round during mid-
day when sun is warmest.

Also . . .
1.   Select smart targets off the tee. Realize the ball will roll more and
adjust. You can take serious strokes off your round by paying
attention to little things like ground conditions. Example: When you
are playing a dogleg. Don’t let the ball roll through the fairway in the
fall. Choose a new target and play from the short grass.
2.   Watch your approach. The same holds true hitting into the green.
If it has been a dry fall, the first bounce will be bigger than usual. Take

one less club and play for the front edge. If the hole is located up
front, try to run it up. If there’s a bunker or rough in the way, play to
the middle of the green and putt back to the hole.

3.   Add a little loft to your short game. On short chips and pitches, use
a club with more loft than you would normally. If you hit bump and run
shots with an eight iron, change to a pitching wedge. If you like using
a pitching wedge, try your sand wedge. By adding height to the shot,
you will decrease roll. This is a quick and easy method to adjust
without having to alter your stroke!

4.   Get to the practice green. It has been a career year with the
flatstick. That doesn’t need to change as the greens speed up, just leave
some time to get acclimated. Before every round, get to the practice
green. Save a couple extra minutes to figure out the speed for that day.
Speeds can change drastically right now based upon the weather. Roll a
couple before you play, and you’ll be better off.

Honors for Wayman…

King Wayman, Superintendent at Valley of the Moon Club has been
awarded the prestigious title of "Golf Course Superintendent of the Year”
for 2023. This accolade recognizes King”s exceptional leadership,
dedication, and expertise in golf course management.
Wayman has been an integral part of the Valley of the Moon Club team
for several years and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to
excellence in golf course maintenance and management. His passion for
maintaining the course in impeccable condition and providing an
exceptional experience for golfers has not gone unnoticed.
“We are thrilled to announce King as the Golf Course Superintendent of
the Year,” said Lance Iwanaka, Senior Operations Manager at CourseCo.
“King’s dedication to the profession and the care he gives to every aspect
of the course is truly exceptional. This award is a testament to his hard
work and commitment to maintaining the course at the highest standard.”

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Worth noting . . .

Late Thursday, Sept. 21, three young golfers from Rincon Valley Middle
School went in search of their ball in the creek that runs across the Valley
of the Moon 3rd fairway.
They found their ball, but also noticed a scared little pooch in the culvert
under the footpath. They were kind enough to stop play and rescue the
pooch. Jean Mills, who lives close enough to regularly witness creek-
wading golfers searching for balls, realized something different was
happening. She took the scared elderly pooch to her garage, gave it water
and a bit of food, and quickly made calls to try to locate the owner.
Deedle” was reunited with the owner, Liz Caplan, within 20 minutes of
being rescued by the students. Turns out, Liz had just moved to Oakmont
the day before and Deedle had wandered away while Liz was distracted
getting settled in. But the RVMS students made sure Deedle didn’t have to
spend another night alone outside. What a gift to see these young golfers
helping our community with this act of kindness.

More worth noting . . .

From Northwood . . .
“We are always honored, pleased and proud when someone takes the
time to send us a note about their experience here,” according to a
Northwood spokesperson.

Here’s what one player recently wrote: “BTW, I just want to say I’ve been
lucky enough to play some of the best golf course in the country –
Shinnecock & Sleepy Hollow, to name a few – and playing Northwood with
strangers and rented clubs was one of the peak golf experiences of my life.
It’s such a special place. Everyone who works there should be very proud.
Thanks . . . Alex Reid





Checking in . . .

Noted golf personality, John Abendroth read my recent GOLF 707
column item about holes-in-one and wanted to comment. Thanks, John.
“I have several personal Hole in One stories…but this one is in your
backyard…Playing at Windsor GC in the Nike Tour’s Monday qualifying in
1990 I made an ace on the 13th hole with a 4-iron (I ended being 10th
alternate…9 got in…).
Then 11 years later, not having played Windsor in a while, got another
ace in the NorCal PGA Senior championship…made it on the same hole
now with an 8 iron from more forward tees. . . Back to Back …11 years
apart…pretty fun”


At Bennett Valley . . .


At Foxtail . . .




OCTOBER 13, 2023




15 th Annual B/nai Israel Tournament

Sunday, October 15, 2023
11:00 Registration, 12:00 Shotgun Start
5:00 (or so) Putting Contest, Dinner and Awards


Golf and dinner contribution $150, per individual
Golf and dinner for a foursome $550

Dinner only $40
No host bar

Sponsorships also available!
$500, $400, $200, and $100


Foxtail GC presents our Big Lebowski tournament (South Course Golf and
Bowling). 8:30am Shotgun. Concludes at Double Decker Lanes 2 Games
of No-Tap Bowling. 4 person team.
Call 707-584-7766


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