Six weeks into the season, teams have a decent idea where they could end up in the playoffs. Let’s take a look where our local teams could end up.
Divison 2
#10-Maria Carrillo
Windsor’s loss to Montgomery hurts, but their tough non league schedule makes up for it. Vise Versa for Montgomery, but a loss to Division 3 Petaluma, and still having to play Cardinal Newman could put them back a spot. Maria Carrillo’s wins aren’t impressive, while losing to Division 3 Analy 42-14. The Pumas still have to play both Newman and Rancho. Ukiah’s bad loss to Redwood could cost them, but the teams behind them don’t have good have a good sample size to put them ahead of the Wildcats. Casa Grande is on the outside looking in, unless they can grab a few wins to end the season.
Division 3
#1-Rancho Cotate
#4-Cardinal Newman
This is no doubt the toughest division in the NCS, maybe even one of the toughest in the state. Rancho Cotate should be the top seed and undefeated, barring a loss to Cardinal Newman on the final night of the season. For the Cardinals, should they beat the Cougars, they could jump to a three seed while Rancho falls to number two. Analy has had the toughest schedule in the Division. Wins over Petaluma and division 2 Mara Carrillo help their case and should finish 7-3. Petaluma has three wins over division 2 teams, and a Division 3 win over Terra Linda. A loss to Analy drops them a few spots, but should they finish 9-1, they could even climb to number seven.
Division 4
#9-El Molino
#12-Lower Lake
El Molino will have tough games against Analy and Petaluma, but should win out the rest of the season. Lower Lake’s strength of schedule and opponents win-loss record could hurt them. Their opponents win loss record is 12-20.
Division 5
#3 St. Helena
#5-Clear Lake
#11-Fort Bragg