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NCS Playoff Preview

November 20, 2014

Before the football preview, here is a high five to the four volleyball teams who will be playing for a NCS Championship on Saturday.
Good luck to all of you.
Now on with the preview:
During the regular season, occasionally the previews have had a theme.
Good luck to all of you.
Now on with the preview:
Throughout the regular season in the previews sometimes it had a theme.
It could have been a showdown week or it was looking for an upset week.
With the beginning of the second round of the NCS playoffs, the NBL fans are looking for it to be an upset week.

November 14, 2014

The second half of the first round features ten local teams and the only two games of the first round where they go head to head.
This is the Saturday part of the preview with the Friday schedule attached.
There will be a special NCS Neat Package on both Saturday and Sunday.

November 13, 2014

It is time to move on from analyzing the NCS playoffs to playing them.
Eighteen local teams have made the playoffs.
If you believe the Cal Preps projections, it will be a fairly good weekend. They have the local teams going 11-7.
The projections also show that it helps being in a tight league race. The NBL and NCL I, who each had co-champions are predicted to go a combined 9-3.