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July 13, 2023

    By BRUCE MEADOWS     JULY 2023   Do you have a ‘go-to’ club ??? Most golfers have a favorite club, one they probably use more than their other clubs when appropriate . . .  maybe more than they should . . .    For me, it’s my 7-iron.    It’s got good…

May 16, 2023

      By BRUCE MEADOWS                MAY 2023       Class that can last a lifetime . . .    Most of us can or have enjoyed sports in our lives, as a spectator and/or a participant.       We played baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc.     …

November 5, 2020

  By Bruce Meadows   November 2020   We haven’t ‘turned the corner’ yet . . . Despite what you may have read in the newspaper or online, in a tweet or   heard on TV, we have not “turned the corner” on Covid-19. In fact, depending on how much you trust doctors, infectious disease experts…

July 20, 2015

Circle Friday, Aug. 31 on your calendar if you are (1) eager to play one of the best golf courses in the area, and (2) if you like the idea of supporting the continually improving golf programs at Sonoma State University.
The ninth annual SSU Men’s and Women’s Alumni/Scholarship Tournament is on that date and the 18-hole affair will be held at historic Sonoma Golf Club, a classic course built in 1928. Sonoma was purchased in 2014 by Escalante Golf of Fort Worth, Texas.

June 8, 2015

Bill Carson represents Wine Country Golf Group, which includes Windsor, Rooster Run and Adobe Creek, all popular 18-hole layouts.
But Carson, director of operations for WCGG, has a good feel for the bigger picture when it comes to promoting golf throughout our community.
He recently filled me in on what WCGG is doing these days, but while he obviously is primarily concerned about the success of his three courses, he is an altruist when it comes to wanting golf to prosper throughout Sonoma County.
He talked about introducing advanced tees for beginners and children, typically about half the length of the white tees, explaining “we want to encourage beginners and make it more fun to play for everyone.”