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rose city

December 13, 2014

We are entering what maybe an unprecedented day in High School basketball history. Teams, not only in this area, but all over Northern California, are having a two game basketball day.
We have focused on the local tournaments, because frankly it is a little bit of an overwhelming assignment keeping track of everything. But at the very least the Montgomery Boys and Girls are both in tournaments out of the area where they will be playing two games today. We will try to keep track of everything going on, but keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will update as much scores as we can. We will also try to make sense of everything that is happening at a later date. How later just depends how updated we can be kept up on the results.

December 11, 2014

The local high school basketball tournaments scheduled for this weekend have been shaken up by the weather. Two of the three tournaments were postponed one day and the other started on the right day, but didn’t go as planned.
Let’s start with the one that did get started. That is the REIBT Tournament in Healdsburg. There were two Boys and two Girls games each scheduled for Wednesday.
Only one of the four games scheduled went as planned. That was the Girls bracket in which Novato defeated Clear Lake 51-36.