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YSN Rankings

September 29, 2015

Over the years the most comments I have consistently received are about the weekly rankings.
The debate at the moment is who should be No. 1 and how can Cardinal Newman be ranked higher than Rancho Cotate. I am not worried about the Newman-Rancho debate, because it will play itself out.
Analy as No. 1 is another story. Analy and Rancho Cotate are in the same division, so they could see each other then. With Cardinal Newman moving to Division 4, there can be no Analy-Cardinal Newman game.

February 23, 2015

No. 1 Cardinal Newman (26-2) (Last Week No. 1)…Two close calls, not only get the No. 1 here, but a No. 1 seed in Division 4.
No. 2 Montgomery (18-10) (2)…Who knows what would happen if they met Cardinal Newman again. Instead of NCS, let’s have a four of seven between these two teams. It didn’t hurt the seeding in the NCS playoffs.
No. 3 Piner (20-6) (5)…Two of three over Elsie Allen gives a nice jump here, had little effect on the NCS travel schedule.

November 11, 2014

Before getting to the weekly rankings, here are a couple of comments about the NCS playoffs.
Anytime a playoff is announced there are going to be complaints. I’m not sure who is on this committee, but I heard a couple of things about it that is disturbing.
No. 1: A reliable source that would know told that the committee doesn’t use power rankings. If true, that answers some question right there. I do have a hard time believing that, because how they can keep track over 100 teams?

April 14, 2014

The weekly rankings feel like they are a mess.
Things have become complicated after a week where there seemed to be league changing games every day Just one example of how complicated things got, last weeks No. 5 softball team lost two games and then won a non-league/tournament championship game over No. 7.